Air Force Seal Air Force Service Team


Points of Contact Details
National Account Manager DSN:  392-767-1222
Commercial:  571-767-1222
Deputy National Account Manager
Logistics Readiness and Customer Support
DSN:  392-767-1443
Commercial:  571-767-1443
Sr. Logistics Analysis Officer DSN:  392-767-9951
Commercial:  571-767-9951
Customer Account Manager
(Industrial Command)
DSN:  392-767-7303
Commercial:  571-767-7303
Customer Account Action Officer DSN:  392-767-1537
Commercial:  571-767-1537
Superintendent Air Force National Account Manager DSN:  392-767-1505
Commercial:  571-767-1505
Chief Customer Engagement Strategy DSN:  392-767-6029
Commercial:  571-767-6029
Customer Support Representative
Air Education and Training Command
Commercial:  210-652-1649
Customer Support Representative
Air Force Materiel Command
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
DSN:  850-3855
Commercial:  614-692-3855

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