USTRANSCOM Seal DLA-U.S. Transportation Command Division


Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of distribution and logistics support through partnering efforts with USTRANSCOM.

     1. Consult, collaborate, enable, execute.
     2. Build and strengthen partnerships.
     3. Optimize end-to-end distribution solutions.
     4. Capitalize on existing governance processes.

DLA Strategic Plan: DLA-USTRANSCOM is built around four pillars of excellence that align in support of the materiel costs, decrease operation costs, reduce inventory, improve customer service and achieve audit readiness by coordinating, synchronizing, and integrating operations and initiatives with USTRANSCOM staff across the DLA Enterprise.


Organizational Email:

Points of Contact Details
Division Chief DSN:  312-770-9880
Commercial:  618-817-9880
Deputy Division Chief DSN:  312-770-9885
Commercial:  618-817-9885
Operations Team DSN:  312-770-9884
Commercial:  618-817-9884
DSN:  312-770-9881
Commercial:  618-817-9881
Logistics Management Specialists DSN:  392-767-0064
Commercial:  571-767-0064
Liaison Officers to USTRANSCOM
Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
DSN:  312-770-9879/9880
Commercial:  618-817-9879/9880

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