Letters of Authorization

Letters of authorization are required in order to remove requisitioned property from a DLA Disposition Services location. Different customer types are required to utilize different forms.

Letter of Authorization

Letter of Authorization

DOD Letter of Authorization Form

Letter of Authorization Instructions

In order for a DOD customer to pick up property from a DLA Disposition Service site, they must have a DLA Form 2517, Letter of Authorization (LOA) on file in the Centralized File at DLA Disposition Services prior to the arrival of the person picking up the property.

The LOA shall include the full name, activity, DODAAC, telephone number, address, and digital signatures for the Accountable Supply Officer (ASO), Commanding Officer, and designees authorized to sign requisitions (for direct removal) on behalf of the ASO.

The LOA must be digitally signed by the designees and the ASO prior to the Commanding Officer digitally signing the form. If any digital signatures were added after the Commanding Officer signed the form, the form will be rejected.

The LOA must be updated annually or as changes to the original designation is made, whichever occurs first.

Once you have filled out the form completely, including digital signatures you will submit it as an email attachment to DLADSCentralizedFile@dla.mil . It will be automatically directed to the Reutilization/Transfer/Donation office. If approved, you will receive an approval email and it will be upload to the Centralized File.

Direct pickup for allocated property may be made by an individual with a valid identification and a DD Form 1348-1A. The DD Form 1348-1A must be signed by the ASO or a designee listed on LOA.

Disposition Services cannot hold property. However, if sufficient time allows a Transportation Movement Request (TMR) for property can be created that has special transportation requirements.

The Accountable Officer will remove lines from the list if the customer does not meet internal criteria or is not authorized to have the items.

Letter of Authorization to Remove

Letter of Authorization to Remove

DOD Letter of Authorization to Remove Form

Letter of Authorization to Remove Instructions

Transfer (Federal Agencies) or Donation Donation customer (SASP, LESO, Computers for Learning, and Firefighter) customers are required to schedule a pickup appointment prior to the removal of their requisitioned property. For a breakdown of Transfer and Donation customers, please visit the RTD page for additional information. The DLA Disposition Services location storing the requisitioned property will contact the awarded customer to schedule a pickup, and will provide the DLA Form 2516, Letter of Authorization to Remove (LOAR) to complete and return.

Non-DOD customers require a LOAR in order to pick up property from a DLA Disposition Services location. Additionally, the LOAR must be completed and emailed to the site prior to picking the property up.

The LOAR must include the full name of the customer and who will be picking up the property. This can include drivers for shipping companies. Direct pickup for allocated property may be made by an individual or transportation company listed on the LOAR if proper identification is provided.

The LOAR must list all of the Disposal Turn-In Document numbers DTID(s) and/or Material Release Order numbers MRO(s) that will be picked up. The only acceptable annotation is “see attached Transfer Order Number XXXXXX”.