Food Disposal Regulations
DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 93

Turn-In Instructions

Usable Foodstuffs, Meals, or Rations

Usable foodstuffs may be reported to DLA Disposition Services sites for normal disposal processing, with the approval of the subsistence office of the Military Department having jurisdiction over the generating source of the foodstuffs.

When transferring to DLA Disposition Services sites, the generating activity will provide, along with the DTID:

  • The reason for declaring the food excess, in specific terms
  • determination from the subsistence office, veterinary service, medical officer or other authorized official that the foodstuffs are or are not fit for human or animal consumption

If the subsistence office or veterinary service or medical officer determines that any foodstuffs covered by this paragraph are not fit for human or animal consumption, they will be disposed of as trash by the generating activity. In such cases, foodstuffs should be clearly marked "CONDEMNED."

Some food packages may contain tax-free cigarettes. State laws affecting sale, donation to penal institutions, etc., will be examined and the disposal of cigarettes will be based upon such findings


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DD Form 1348-1a


The DD Form 1348-1A the most important document when interacting with DLA Disposition Services. It serves as the receipt for property turned in, and is an important record for auditability. 

Learn how to complete a DDForm-1348-1A .