DLA Disposition Services at





1902 Ewell Road
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207-6050

Hours of Operation

0730 to 1530

RTD Screening

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Also by scheduled appointment

List of Services

RTD Guidance

Additional Information

Fort Jackson is a closed installation with strict entry requirements. Ensure that all visitors have valid picture identification and proof of vehicle insurance.

Photos are not authorized without approval of Fort Jackson Public Affairs Officer.

Force Protection Conditions can change without notice and may result in delays at Base Entrances.

All troop formations have the right away. Speed limit when passing a troop formation is 10 MPH.

Who Should I contact?

DSR - for general questions on turning in property (i.e., paperwork, procedures), or getting started with reutilization

Scrap - For questions regarding scrap turn-ins

RTD - do you have a question about property that we have on-hand that you wish to reutilize? Or, do you need to check status of your requisition?

Environmental - For questions regarding hazardous material or hazardous waste turn-ins

Site Lead - Have an issue with local support that needs to be discussed?

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Schedule a Turn-In
All turn-ins must be scheduled
DSN 392-748-5647
Commercial 910-748-5647
Helpful Turn-In Information
Customer Assistance Handbook
Turn In Smartbook
Points of Contact
DSR 734-4083 803-751-4083
Environ. 734-7698 803-751-7698
Site Lead
DSN 734-4083
Commercial 803-751-4083

Area Manager
DSN 392-748-5603
Commercial 910-748-5603




For Main Gate (open 24/7)

From Interstate 77, take exit 12 (Strom Thurmond BLVD).

For Trucks:

Take exit 15B to Boyden Arbor road. Follow Boyden Arbor road to Dixie Road, turn right. Then left on Hampton Pkwy, then right on Lee Road, ends at Ewell, turn left on Ewell. Facility on left hand side.

No turn-ins at this site. All usable and scrap property needs to be turned in at Fort Bragg. This location only provides DSR Support.