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Customers are often able to schedule transportation of their property to our servicing location free of charge if located more than 60 miles from the turn-in Site according to the zip code mapping tool

The Scheduler tool was designed specifically to work hand-in-hand with the Electronic Turn-In Documents (ETIDs) application (learn more about ETIDs here). Turn-Ins created in ETIDS are fed to the Scheduler and can be selected from within the tool and transportation arranged to complete the turn-in. Please note that it is not mandatory to use ETIDs in conjunction with Scheduler. Scheduler can be used independently of the ETIDs application.

The tool is divided into two main segments, a section for local customers to drop off property at a nearby Disposition Services' field office and a section for non-local customers to arrange for a direct shipment of their items to a site. Click the link below for instructions on each category.


Transportation Customers need to know their servicing DLA Disposition Services' location prior to scheduling a shipment. The servicing site is based upon the turn-in activity's zip code and is required in the Scheduler tool.

To determine what location is your servicing site, please use the zip code mapping tool

Click here to schedule a transportation appointment

For transportation assistance, please call the Transportation Office at (800) 468-8289 or email at