Local Stock Numbers

When using a Local Stock Number (LSN) in place of a National Stock Number (NSN) it is critical to choose the correct LSN from the LSN Master List.

LSNs have assigned Demil Codes which Disposition Services will use to determine final their disposition.

Keep in mind, that most items already have an established NSN that should be selected if at all possible.

The H2 FSC search tool shall be utilized for proper FSCs in the assignment of LSN

Webflis is an additional resource in attempting to determine a NSN before choosing an LSN

If you are unable to determine an NSN, and choose to use an LSN, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

Commercial off the shelf items need to use a Demil A LSN, items with any military application (that can contain any inherent offensive or defensive capabilities) need to use a Demil D LSN.

Demil A items will be released to the public whereas Demil D items will be sent for Demilitarization.

When creating a turn-in document for property with a Critical FSC, a clear text statement must be included detailing why the NSN is not included. Affirm if the FSC is on the Critical FSC list (4160.21) or the DML CD is missing on the 1348-1A.


Blank 1348-A

 Blank 1348


1348 Instructions

Clear Text

Clear Text Statement