If You Think You Have Been Sexually Harassed
If You Think You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

DLA Equal Employment Opportunity Offices

DLA EEO Operations (Fort Belvoir, VA)
DLA Aviation (Richmond, VA)
DLA Disposition Service (Battle Creek, MI)
DLA Distribution (Cumberland, PA)
DLA Energy (Fort Belvoir, VA)
DLA Land and Maritime (Columbus, OH)
DLA Troop Support (Philadelphia, PA)

DLA Headquarters Office of EEO and Diversity

Janice Samuel, DLA EEO Director

Main Number: (571) 767-1100

DLA Headquarters (Fort Belvoir, VA)

Beverly Johnson, Staff Director

DLA Headquarters EEO Operations
8725 John J. Kingman Road
Suite 1119
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6221

EEO Contact: Vacant
Email: HQEEOInquiries@dla.mil
Main Number: (571) 767-6777
FAX Number: (571) 767-1110

DLA Aviation (Richmond, VA)

Deborah Winston, EEO Manager

DLA Aviation EEO Office
8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, VA 23297-5100

EEO Contact: Tralana Linder
Email: tralana.linder@dla.mil
Phone Number: (904)661-5060
Main Number: (804) 279-4443
FAX Number: (804) 279-3759

DLA Disposition Service (Battle Creek, MI)

Allen Hight, EEO Manager

DLA Disposition Service EEO Office
Federal Center
HDI Federal Center
74 Washington Avenue North
Battle Creek, MI 49037

EEO Contact: Ms. Michelle Franklin
Email: michelle.franklin@dla.mil
Phone Number: (269) 961-4823
Main Number: (269) 961-4002
FAX Number: (269) 961-5168

DLA Distribution (New Cumberland, PA)

Zachary M Currier, EEO Manager

DLA Distribution EEO Office
430 Mifflin Avenue
New Cumberland, PA 17070

EEO Contact: Carrie Hawk
Email: carrie.hawk@dla.mil
Phone Number: (717) 770-8107
Main Number: (717) 770-4128
FAX Number: (717) 770-8753

DLA Energy (Fort Belvoir, VA)

Vacant, EEO Manager

DLA Energy EEO Office
8725 John J Kingman Road, Room 4941
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

EEO Contact: Dominica Gay
Email: Dominica.Gay@dla.mil or DLA.EnergyEEO@dla.mil
Phone Number: (571) 292-4199
Main Number: (571) 767-0945

DLA Land and Maritime (Columbus, OH)

Penny Copp, EEO Manager

DLA Land and Maritime EEO Office
3990 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43213

EEO Contact: Ms. Penny Copp
Email: penny.copp@dla.mil Phone Number: (614) 692-8256
Main Number: (614) 692-2577
FAX Number: (614) 692-4797

DLA Troop Support (Philadelphia, PA)

Carlos Deno, Jr., EEO Manager

DLA Troop Support EEO Office
700 Robbins Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111-5096

EEO Contact: Ms. Octavia Millwood
Email: octavia.millwood@dla.mil
Phone Number: (215) 737-0523
Main Number: (215) 737-2347
FAX Number: (215) 444-2520