If You Think You Have Been Sexually Harassed
If You Think You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

If You Think Someone You Supervise Has Been Sexually Harassed

Advise the Victim to take the following measures in an attempt to eliminate the harassment.

  • Make sure they have told the harasser that the behavior is inappropriate, unwelcome, and the behavior must stop.
  • If the behavior continues, elevate the issue to the Victim's supervisor (next level of supervision if complaint is against supervisor).
  • Contact a DLA Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) official.

Things to consider when making a complaint.

  • There is no anonymity for allegations of sexual harassment. Any employee who observes conduct that could be sexual harassment should report the behavior to a management official. Supervisors and managers will immediately report all allegations of sexual harassment to the EEO office.
  • While it is recommended that all complaints be addressed at the lowest level, an employee (or someone acting on their behalf) can bypass the aggressor, supervisor, and make direct contact with the EEO official if the situation warrants.
  • All reports of sexual harassment will be investigated fully and promptly.
  • There will be no retaliation for reporting sexual harassment or filing a sexual harassment complaint.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity office accepts anonymous complaints of third person (person reporting on behalf of another) reporting. It is important to understand that the individual reporting may remain anonymous, however, the allegation must be investigated.
  • To contact DLA EEO please call 571-767-1100.