DLA Finance


DLA Finance enables DLA mission accomplishment through sound financial stewardship by providing financial management guidance, planning, advice, and analysis.

DLA Finance provides the full spectrum of financial management services and support to our customers, including – accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, Audit Response and Sustainment (ARS), and process management. We are the principal financial advisor to the DLA Director, and the primary DLA advocate when working with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) (OUSD(C)) and the Office of Management and Budget. DLA Finance also partners with many key DoD stakeholders and service providers, e.g., Congressional Authorization and Appropriation staff members, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics), and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.  Approximately 700 DLA Finance associates operate out of 7 CONUS locations, overseeing financial resources in excess of $35 billion dollars annually.

Mission, Vision and Values


  • Deliver world-class, responsive financial management that ensures the DoD remains the premier global military and can accomplish the defense mission in a fiscally responsible manner while inspiring trust with our civilian and military leaders, Congress, and the American taxpayer.


  • Fiscal readiness accelerates mission readiness: Make every decision at DoD fiscally informed by delivering actionable financial advice that empowers global force decision-making.


  • Integrity:  Honest and Trustworthy, we follow through on what we promise.
  • Resiliency and Diversity: Flexible, responsive, recoverable, and able to quickly adapt to changing business environments while achieving outstanding results.  Composed of people from varied backgrounds.  We celebrate and leverage our differences to deliver innovative and effective outcomes.
  • Innovation: We pioneer new ideas, device, and methods.  Working with each other, customers, and stakeholders to provide solutions that are unique and creative.
  • Accountability:  Obligated and willing to accept responsibility.  We are accountable to DoD and our customers, just as our workforce is accountable to the DLA mission to provide effective and efficient global solutions to Warfighters and our valued customers.  
  • Excellence:  Extremely high quality.  We take pride in providing first-class solutions on time, every time.  

About DLA Finance

The Department of Defense’s Senior Leadership expects their logistics teams to provide the right item, to the right person, in the right place, and for the right cost.  To meet this expectation the Department of Defense consolidated Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps major logistical activities into a single consolidated entity: Defense Supply Agency in 1961 and the forerunner to our current Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  As America’s premier logistics agency we hope to accomplish economies of both scope and scale to help our National Security team.  DLA J8 Finance assists in those efforts by responding to all our customers with varied, robust, and current financial data and analyses. In other words, the DLA budget and accounting Finance (J8) personnel are required to use their expertise as a tool to provide analysis and guidance to the Agency’s Senior Leadership.  

DLA J8 operates in 11 Financial Management offices, encompasses over 600 personnel, and ensures the following occurs:

  • DLA financial compliance is maintained across over 200 DLA and non-DLA owned systems
  • Obtains and oversees execution of $941.3M of Total Obligation Authority (TOA) for 6 appropriations
  • Manages DLA Enterprise Sales / Revenue $36.0B, Supply Chain Management $21.1B, Energy $14.6B, and Document Services $338M
  • Maintains sufficient cash balance
  • Manages Payroll Centers of Excellence service for Agency’s 25,000+ civilians
  • Manages Travel Services Team oversight and administration of Agency's travel initiatives and published policy
  • Coordinates with 5 DFAS Operating Sites (Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Cleveland, OH, Rome, New York, Limestone, ME)

DLA Finance is further refined by operational processes which each division provides oversight of and can be viewed from four aspects: Command and Control operations, Budget and Resource Management operations, Finance and Accounting operations, and business/field activity operations.

Command and Control

Predominantly, guidance-instructions and other command and control functions is handled by the Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Financial Officer and assisted by the DLA Finance Human Capital Office director and other relevant Finance eadership upon request. The Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Financial Officer also help represent Finance issues to DLA senior leadership governance bodies and also bring back operational issues which are of DLA operational concern.  

Resource Management

The budget and resource management division and branches help support the planning, programming, and budget execution of DLA’s fiscal budget.  This division also serves as the member of enterprise Integrated Acquisition Review Board (IARM). They are responsible for overall direction and guidance for the development and submission of the DLA’s Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF), DLA’s Strategic Materials program and this includes programming, budget justification, presentation and execution.  The budget and resource management elements are also responsible for administration of the Defense-Wide Working Capital Fund (DWWCF) cash account to include monitoring outlays, assessing impact, reporting monthly status to OSD, and recommending improvement actions.  The budget and resource manage staff are also responsible for overall direction and guidance for the development and submission of the overall DLA information technology (IT) program, to include corporate IT, and enterprise IT programs and accounts. This division is responsible for all DLA IT programming, budget justification, presentation and execution activities.  This division is also responsible for the Capital Investment Program, to include all programming, budgeting, and execution.  

Accounting and Financial Operations

The Accounting and Financial Operations Divisional elements are responsible for providing agency oversight on all accounting and financial services operations. Tracks and reports on agencywide accounting metrics. They are also the primary liaison with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service for Accounting Operations and Agency Reporting. This division certifies funds for the agency at the appropriation level; additionally, they develop, implement and integrate DLA’s CFO reporting efforts to include the submission of DLA financial statements.  

Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs)

The major subordinate commands (MSCs), or business units, have financial personnel assigned to work at each of the various sites. They are responsible for the administration of financial resources and implementation of financial management policies including planning, programming, budgeting, funds control, unit cost, pricing, financial performance analysis, financial services, and financial process management. The site Comptrollers are the principal advisor on financial management, resource allocation and the budget for a multibillion-dollar worldwide logistics mission. Each site works closely with Headquarters Budget and Resource management to ensure adequate financing is available for multiple Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) business areas.  


Susan Goodyear
Director, DLA Finance, J8

Shawn Lennon
Deputy Director, DLA Finance, J8