DLA Finance Offers (J8)

The DLA Finance mission is integral to the achievement of DLA’s strategic goals and objectives. We must formulate, present, and oversee execution of the funding which enables the accomplishment of the DLA mission while institutionalizing stewardship to ensure the Agency realizes maximum customer outcome for each dollar spent.  To ensure success J8 leadership established the following mission-vision-and values for our staff.

J8 Current Goals and Objectives

J8 Leadership has developed goals and objectives aligned to DLA’s mission-vision-goals. The DLA Finance goals enable the achievement of DLA’s 5 Strategic emphasis areas which are decrease direct material costs, decrease operating costs, right size inventory, improve customer service, and achieve audit readiness.  These will be realized by ensure we actively accomplish the following J8 Goals:

  1. Resource DLA’s operational strategies through the most cost effective means
  2. Provide comprehensive financial performance analysis and advice to our customers
  3. Assist business partners in evaluating and translating business initiatives into executable strategies that meet stewardship objectives
  4. Ensure Business Cycle Owners understand stewardship responsibilities to achieve accurate and assertable financial data and take appropriate corrective actions
  5. Ensure a diverse, enabled, empowered, and motivated workforce that delivers and sustains financial excellence

Financial Reports

A calculator with a background of percentages and bar graphsDLA’s Annual Financial Report provides a financial overview of the Department. The reports are intended to simplify and summarize information while providing transparent financial and performance reporting.

While DLA continues to excel as the Department’s Combat Logistics Support Agency, the readers should note that a significant portion of DLA’s financial data is derived from legacy processes, systems and sources. We are continuing to execute a focused, coordinated, and deliberate process to improve the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the financial data that will be presented in future financial reports.