Contact DLA Finance

Please contact the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) to address accounts payable issues.

DFAS has contractor and vendor resources to assist with payment-related needs.

* All Defense Switched Network (DSN): 392-767-XXXX

Title Phone Number
 Director, DLA Finance/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
 Deputy Director, DLA Finance/Deputy Chief Financial Officer
 Director, Resource Management Officer
 Director, Finance Human Capital
 Director, Financial Policy
 Director, Accounting Operations
 Director, Operational Accounting
 Director, Enterprise Accounting
 Director, Business Financial Operations & Analysis
 Director, Service Provider
 Director, Financial Reporting
 Director, Enterprise Financial Operations
 Director, Financial Systems & Data
 Director, Financial Improvement and Audit Remediation
 Comptroller, DLA Finance, Aviation (Richmond)
 Comptroller, DLA Finance, Disposition Services (Battle   Creek)
 Comptroller, DLA Finance, Distribution (New Cumberland)
 Comptroller, DLA Finance, Energy (Fort Belvoir)
 Comptroller, DLA Finance, Land and Maritime (Columbus)
 Comptroller, DLA Finance, Troop Support (Philadelphia)