DLA Finance enables DLA mission accomplishment through sound financial stewardship by providing financial management guidance, planning, advice, and analysis.

DLA Finance provides the full spectrum of financial management services and support to our customers, including – accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, Audit Response and Sustainment (ARS), and process management. We are the principal financial advisor to the DLA Director, and the primary DLA advocate when working with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) (OUSD(C)) and the Office of Management and Budget. DLA Finance also partners with many key DoD stakeholders and service providers, e.g., Congressional Authorization and Appropriation staff members, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics), and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.  Approximately 700 DLA Finance associates operate out of 7 CONUS locations, overseeing financial resources in excess of $35 billion dollars annually.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Provide effective and efficient global solutions to Warfighters and our other valued customers.

  • Deliver the right solution on time, every time.

  • Integrity:  Honest and Trustworthy, we follow through on what we promise.
  • Resiliency and Diversity: Flexible, responsive, recoverable, and able to quickly adapt to changing business environments while achieving outstanding results.  Composed of people from varied backgrounds.  We celebrate and leverage our differences to deliver innovative and effective outcomes.
  • Innovation: We pioneer new ideas, device, and methods.  Working with each other, customers, and stakeholders to provide solutions that are unique and creative.
  • Accountability:  Obligated and willing to accept responsibility.  We are accountable to DoD and our customers, just as our workforce is accountable to the DLA mission to provide effective and efficient global solutions to Warfighters and our valued customers.  
  • Excellence:  Extremely high quality.  We take pride in providing first-class solutions on time, every time.