* Area code for all numbers: 703
* All Defense Switched Network (DSN): 427 XXXX


Director, DLA Finance/Chief  767-7300   J8
Financial Officer      
Executive Assistant 767-7300    
Deputy Director, DLA Finance/DLA FIAR & Audit Readiness 767-7200   J81
Executive Assistant 767-7200    
Director, Business Financial Operations 767-7256   J83
Deputy Director, Business Financial Operations 767-2540    
Director, Financial Services Operations 767-7483   J84
Deputy Directory, Financial Services Operations 767-5068    
Director, Accounting Operations 767-6293   J85
Deputy Director, Accounting Operations 767-7236    
Director, Information Technology and Investment Operations 767-7282   J86
Deputy Director, Information Technology and Investment Operations Vacant    
Director, Enterprise Financial Operations 767-7270   J87
Chief, Appropriations, Policy, Planning & Management Team 767-3021   J871
Chief, Integration & Corporate Operations Team 767-7247   J873
Director, Financial Systems & Process Management Team 767-7249   J88
Deputy Director, Financial Systems & Process 767-7204    
Director, Financial Compliance & Process Management 727-7474   J89
Chief, Financial Compliance & Audit Team 767-7294   J891
Chief, Financial Workplan Management Team 767-7226   J892
Chief, Financial Audit Response & Sustainment Team 767-6279    
Director, DLA Finance, Aviation (Richmond) 804-279-3740    
Director, DLA Finance, Energy (Fort Belvoir) 703-767-9484    
Director, DLA Finance, Land and Maritime (Columbus) 614-692-7186    
Director, DLA Finance, Troop Support (Philadelphia) 215-737-2700    
Director, DLA Finance, Distribution 717-770-6200    
Director, DLA Finance, Disposition Services 269-961-5639    
Director, DLA Finance, Document Services 717-605-2993    
Director, DLA Finance, Logistics Information Service 269-961-4803    
Director, DLA Finance, Transaction Services 937-656-3752    
Director, DLA Finance, Strategic Materials 703-767-7375