Chief Information Officer

The Defense Logistics Agency is a U.S. Department of Defense agency that provides worldwide logistics support across the DoD and select customers outside the department. DLA emphasizes Warfighter Support, Stewardship Excellence, and Workforce Development.

Ms. Kathy Cutler became the Director of Information Operations (J6) and Chief Information Officer for DLA May 14, 2012. Ms. Cutler is responsible for all agency information technology activities across the worldwide J6 enterprise. She is also responsible for the agency’s logistics information operations that include DoD logistics cataloging, electronic routing of DoD logistics transactions, and document automation and production services.

Previously, she served as the Deputy Commander of DLA Aviation, a field activity of DLA located in Richmond, Va., where she served since August 2008. DLA Aviation is the aviation demand and supply manager for DLA with personnel serving in 19 locations across the United States in support of major weapon systems for the military services.

Before joining DLA Aviation, Ms. Cutler was Executive Director for Materiel Policy, Process, and Assessment in DLA Logistics Operations (J3). In J3, she was also the process integrator for Business Systems Modernization, now the Enterprise Business System. In that capacity, she led efforts to develop and integrate BSM with all elements of logistics systems and operations.

Ms. Cutler began her DLA career in 1982 at the Defense General Supply Center, later renamed Defense Supply Center Richmond and now DLA Aviation, as a general student trainee under the Junior Fellowship Program. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Virginia Commonwealth University, she became an inventory management specialist at DGSC. Later, she became a supply systems analyst and a supervisory budget analyst. 

Promoted in 1993, Ms. Cutler became the budget officer for DGSC, overseeing program objectives, the business plan and the entire operational and materiel budget.

In 1997, she became Deputy Director for planning and resource management at DSCR, where she was responsible for all budgetary and materiel management systems and procedures. In 2000, she moved to the Virtual Prime Vendor Office in DSCR, overseeing weapon system acquisition efforts.

With promotion to Director of the BSM office, Ms. Cutler supervised the functional and information technology analysts working on BSM until reassignment to J3 at DLA Headquarters in November 2002.

Ms. Cutler holds a master's degree in business administration from the Virginia Commonwealth University. She was also a LEGIS Fellow at the Brookings Institution, working on the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on investigations and on Sen. Susan Collins’ personal staff.