Analytics Center of Excellence

The Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) offers a wide range of analytical services including operations research, statistical methods, data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation, and war game support.  We also apply our analytics and programming skills to develop data visualization products for internal and external customers.

We apply the science of rational decision making and the study, design and integration of complex situations and systems with the goal of predicting system behavior and improving or optimizing system performance. We specialize in developing and integrating quantitative and analytical methods across the Enterprise to ensure the use of credible and appropriate operations research techniques. ACE conducts strategic analyses and studies for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and other Department of Defense activities to provide senior decision makers with business alternatives across the acquisition, manpower, finance, supply, distribution, reutilization, and support logistics functional areas. ACE targets specific analytic demand areas such as:

  • Exploring the latest advancements in analytics and working with stakeholders to develop models and tools to provide predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Leads and conducts Enterprise level analytic studies involving internal and external stakeholders
  • Develops operations research methodologies and models requiring subject matter expertise in the areas of acquisition, manpower, finance, supply, distribution, reutilization, and support logistics functional areas
  • Key advisor to DLA senior management for strategic analytic initiatives focusing on objectives and goals progression
  • Evaluates and pilots emerging technological capabilities for Agency-wide implementation
  • Facilitates the automation of business and operational processes and reporting
  • Wargaming design, development, planning, execution, analysis, and lessons learned in support of DLA operations
  • Provide analytic capabilities in logistics supportability analysis
  • Provide analytic support to contingency / crisis operations and exercises in support of the Agency

In addition to its analytic mission, ACE has a role as the executive agent for the DoD-mandated Joint Lessons Learned Program. The mission of the DLA JLLP is to enhance joint force collaboration and learning through visibility and transparency of issues and lessons learned throughout DLA and across the spectrum of DLA’s joint force and interagency partner communities.

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