Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS)

The DAASINQ System provides information on DoD Activity Address Codes (DODAAC), Routing Identifier Codes (RIC), Military Assistance Program Address Codes (MAPAC) and National Item Identification Number (NIIN) Codes.

Additionally, eDAASINQ, an enhanced version of DAASINQ, provides more query options with download capability by service in multiple data formats. Access to the application may be requested by submitting a System Access Request (SAR).

DAMES is a PC based software package that provides the user with the capability to communicate with DLA Transaction Services. It provides capability to send/receive logistics transactions and narrative text through a modem using standard telephone lines or the Internet.

Logistics Data Gateway is a DoD level utility that provides for easy web access to the current and historical data that flows through Transaction Services and provide these data in an integrated fashion.

 These data, stored in an operational data store/data mart at Transaction Services, are available to a customer to do operational research via the Internet, analyze data, create reports, track requisitions, monitor trends, and project future needs based on the true demands of the customer. 

The LMARS/CWT is a capability to nodally track material as it flows through the logistics pipeline and report the associated response times. The office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics, has identified twelve nodes for measuring the logistics pipeline.

LOG REPORTS include Priority Designators, LIDS, MILSBILLS, MILSTEP, LMARS and Publications.

MILSBILLS Inquiry System is a query system providing both local and remote users the capability to query and display Interfund Bills (MILSBILLS) and Materiel Obligation Validation (MOV) files and generate retransmit requests on-line. The MOV System contains all inquiry batches and AE status documents submitted during the recent quarter, retaining the data for 90 days.

Web Requisitioning (WEBREQ)
is a DLA Transaction Services Web product that provides customers a means to input materiel requisitions, cancellations, follow-ups, modifications, and Materiel Obligation Validation (MOV) documents. WEBREQ can also provide status documents back to the user.

Web Supply Discrepancy Reporting (WEBSDR)
system will provide a web-based entry method for SDRs, routing for web submissions and logistics transactions according to business rules, any-to-any translation to support unique and standard transaction formats, information exchange between the action office and the shipper, SDR resolution responses, capture of SDR and response management statistics and assimilation of SDR metrics along with Customer Wait Time/Logistics Response Time in support of perfect order fulfillment. This process reduces manual SDR form creation and provides an automated process for tracking SDR response information.

WEB Visual Logistics Information and Processing System (WEB VLIPS) is a web based, access controlled query system that is useable from any Internet attached PC. It accesses the Logistics On-line Tracking System (LOTS), a DLA Transaction Services relational database system, which portrays the life cycle of a logistics action.

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