The eDoDAAD web portal allows access to three DoDAAD related applications; Defense Automatic Addressing System Inquiry System (DAASINQ), Enhanced DAASINQ (eDAASINQ), and the update DoDAAD capability. Advance functions in eDAASINQ and DoDAAD are PKI-enabled, it requires a Common Access Card (CAC) and approval for access by submitting a System Access Request (SAR).

             DAASINQ (Simple Search)

DAASINQ provides information on Communication Routing Identifiers (COMMRI), Distribution Codes, DoD Activity Address Codes (DODAAC), National Item Identification Number (NIIN), Routing Identifier Codes (RIC), and Military Assistance Program Address Codes (MAPAC). Click here to access DAASINQ 


eDAASINQ (Advanced Search)

eDAASINQ is an enhanced version of the basic DAASINQ described above. It provides additional queries and downloads by service or "All" in "TA1" delimited format in addition to all the basic functionality that is available in DAASINQ.



The Department of Defense Activity Address Directory (DoDAAD) is authorized under Defense Logistics Manual 4000.25. This manual prescribes uniform methods, codes, formats, and standards for the establishment, maintenance, publication, and dissemination of address data to required Military Services, Federal Agencies, and Civil Agencies. To Obtain Access to DoDAAD you will need to fill out the System Access Request