The Department of Defense Activity Address Directory (DoDAAD) is authorized under Defense Logistics Manual 4000.25. This manual prescribes uniform methods, codes, formats, and standards for the establishment, maintenance, publication, and dissemination of address data to required Military Services, Federal Agencies, and Civil Agencies.

DAAS hosts the DoDAAD update and query applications as well as the single authoritative DoDAAD database and its syndication to the DoD Components. As the Central Control Point (CCP) for the DoDAAD, they also control access to the applications and database via system access requests (SARs).

Required updates to the DoDAAD are managed by the designated Central Service/Agency Point (CSP). These updates include additions, changes, and deletions, to the mailing, shipping, and billing addresses of the identified DoDAAC's.

The DoDAAC is a six position code that uniquely identifies a unit, activity or organization that has the authorities of usage that have been granted to it by approving Central Service Point. The first position (or in some cases, up to three) designates the particular Service/Agency element of ownership. The DoDAAD Series Table can be viewed here

There may be up to four distinct addresses contained in the DoDAAD for each DoDAAC, as follows:

  • TAC1 - Identifies the mailing address for the activity (mandatory)
  • TAC2 - Identifies the ‘ship to’ (freight) address for the activity
  • TAC3 - Identifies the billing address (The activity responsible for payment of bills.)
  • TAC4 - Identifies the commercial shipping address for the activity Additional DODAAD Information

Additional DODAAD Information

The DODAAD Update Application is a web-based replacement of the batch update to the Master DoDAAD database. The master DoDAAD contains the names and addresses of activities which must be identified in the DoD standard logistics transactions. The records include military organizational entities which requisition, receive, or ship materiel; commercial organizations which enter into materiel and/or service contracts with DoD; and the activities of other federal agencies which maintain logistics support arrangements with the DoD. The DoDAAD is maintained in a current state using updates from the Central Service Point (CSP) in each Service and Agency. These updates are distributed daily or in near real time to those activities utilizing database replication. This is the main source of the addressing information used by the Department of Defense. This data is available for download by activities requiring this information. DAAS also utilizes the DoDAAD to perform validations of logistics transactions as they flow through the supply system.

The DoDAAD supports DLA and other DoD Component modernization efforts, provides utilization of eBusiness/eCommerce business practices and tools and increases support to multiple business processes. It provides Component applications near real-time access to the authoritative source data and CSP DoDAAD updates and ensures real-time validations. The authoritative source file is enhanced with Component data elements and easy addition of the DoD Component unique data elements is now available.

The current list of DoD CSPs/DoDAAC Monitors can be viewed Here

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The current policy and procedures can be viewed in DLM 4000.25, Volume 6, Chapter 2 Here

The DoDAAD provides for increased data accuracy with simplified access to data by authorized user(s). It provides for the elimination of duplicate updates and files and eliminates DoD Component service point's reconciliations with DLA DAAS.

To Obtain Access to DoDAAD you will need to fill out the System Access Request