The MAPAD is published by direction of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics) under authority of Dod Directive 4140.1, Materiel Management Policy.

The directory contains the addresses of country representatives, freight forwarders and customers-within-country required for releasing Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Military Assistance Program (MAP) Grant Aid shipments, and addresses required for forwarding of related documentation.

The directory consists of three sections.

Section A contains information and detailed instructions for users of the directory and automated file.

Section B contains addresses furnished by representatives of foreign governments for use in receipt of materiel purchased under the FMS program.

Section C contains addresses furnished by U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Groups (MAAGs)/Missions for receipt of materiel under the MAP Grant Aid Program. International Logistics Control Offices (ILCOs), in coordination with Country Repesentatives, can also submit address changes.

DAAS serves as the Central Processing Point (CPP) for all file maintenance actions applicable to the addresses in the MAPAD. The current directory contains over 11,300 Military Assistance Program Address Codes (MAPACs) and their associated addresses.

U.S. Government Representatives located CONUS/OCONUS and Military Service Focal Points may forward MAPAD 'adds', 'changes', and 'deletes' to DAAS. Freight Forwarders may only 'change' their address. After updating the master file, DAAS electronically distributes the modifications to the appropriate designated Service/Agency activities.


To Obtain Access to MAPAD fill out the System Access Request