The DoD Web Supply Discrepancy Reporting (SDR) system will provide a web-based entry method for SDRs, routing for web submissions and logistics transactions according to business rules, any-to-any translation to support unique and standard transaction formats, information exchange between the action office and the shipper, SDR resolution responses, capture of SDR and response management statistics and assimilation of SDR metrics along with Customer Wait Time/Logistics Response Time in support of perfect order fulfillment. This process reduces manual SDR form creation and provides an automated process for tracking SDR response information.

WEBSDR Benefits:

  • Facilitated Web-based entry method for SDRs to support those customers without an automated tool.
  • Immediate access to DAAS historical data related to the discrepant shipment.
  • Capability to upload documentation, pictures, etc., to support the discrepancy claim.
  • Supports functions such as query, follow-up, reconsideration, correction, and cancellation capability.
  • Web-based input of SDR resolution responses.
  • Web-based input capability for follow-up for promised credit not received.
For access to Web SDR, fill out the
System Access Request

Contact the following for DoD WebSDR System issues and help:
DAAS Information Center
E-Mail: websdrhelp@dla.mil
Comm: (614) 692-6672
DSN:     312-850-6672

The DLMSO Functional POC for this effort is:
Defense Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO)

Email: dlmso_info@dla.mil
Web: www.dla.mil/j-6/DLMSO/