Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS)

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Emblem for MEDALS and loginThe Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS) provide users the ability to locate engineering drawings throughout the Department of Defense (DOD) community.

The MEDALS program is an interactive online system that is accessed globally and indicates quickly and easily where engineering drawings or documents reside. It provides the user with the technical drawing information and further provides the capability to order it if needed. The MEDALS program is a research tool, or first discovery mechanism, for those who do not know where engineering documents might reside, or where all revision levels are located. It also contains information on which repositories are holding specific engineering documents.


Who can use MEDALS?

Military services and federal agencies can use MEDALS

Benefits of MEDALS?

  • Serves as the central index for DOD Technical data
  • Provides location of over 44 million engineering data assets
  • Engineering data assets located at 45 different repositories
  • Interactive on-line system directs user to drawings or documents repository location quickly and easily
  • Provides ability to view engineering data on-line in repositories supported by a web interface

Features of MEDALS?

  • Online high-volume inquiry
    • Customers can submit up to 200 inquires per transaction
  • Ability to run queries by:
    • Document Number
    • Part Number
    • National Stock Number (NSN)
    • National Item Identification Number (NIIN)
    • Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE)
    • Document Title
  • Supports Microsoft Access or Excel inputs
  • Engineering Drawing Order Request access
  • ​Allows authorized customers to order engineering drawings


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