What Do the DLA Offices of Small Business Programs Offer?

DLA continuously engages in outreach efforts to find potential small business suppliers and teach them how to do business with DLA. Each year the Agency participates in, sponsors or co-sponsors a significant number of Small Business events. These events are held to locate, recruit, and educate small business manufacturers, distributors, and service providers on how to do business with DLA. We focus on introducing small businesses to the Agency’s mission, educating them on items procured by our purchasing activities, and advising them on federal contracting best practices.   

What Can the OSBP Offices Do For You?

  • Explain Government procurement terminology, procedures and regulations 
  • Identify points of contact
  • Facilitate communication with Agency Small Business and Contracting personnel
  • Assist in identifying Federal Supply Classes (FSC) for items and services your business provides 
  • Direct you to useful resources and web sites  
  • Act as an Ombudsman for small businesses