Small Business Training Resources

The Defense Logistics Agency Office of Small Business Programs offers monthly webinars to educate small businesses and others about DLA's mission and opportunities to participate in our various supply chains. View the Doing Business with DLA webinar dates provided on the Outreach Calendar. Choose a date, click on the title, Doing Business with DLA webinar, and follow the registration process provided within the event details.

Regular training opportunities are also available for small businesses who work with DLA's Aviation and Land and Maritime purchasing activities through the Training Knowledge Opportunities system  (TKO). TKO dates and topics are provided on the Outreach Calendar along with a registration link.  

QUESTIONS about TKO? Email or Call 1-800-262-3272

Find additional training resources from across the agency on DLA's Training page.  

Training related to TKO

Presentations and/or videos for topics discussed from TKO trainings will be provided in the module below soon.  Click on the the three bars to the right of the module to view the list of topics.  

Click here to open the Packaging Overview presentation.  

Packing Overview Presentation














View the Packaging Requirements video which provides information on the necessary steps to print and apply labels. It also covers using the correct packaging, marking, and pallets for material shipped to the Defense Logistics Agency.


Click here to open the Automated Indefinite Delivery Contract (AIDC) presentation.  

Click here to open the Casting and Forging presentation.  

Click here to open the cFolders and Technical Data presentation.  

Click here to open the Cybersecurity Requirements presentation.  

Click here to open the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) Solicitations presentation.   

Click here for Part 1click here for Part 2 and click here for Part 3 to open the DIBBS Quoting presentation.  

DIBBS Quoting

Click here to open the DLA Land and Maritime Pricing Overview presentation.

DLA Land and Maritime Pricing Overview

Click here to open the DLA Procurement Notes and Technical/Quality Requirements presentation.  

DLA Procurement Notes and Technical/Quality Requirements

Click here to open the Engineering & Technical Support presentation. 

Engineering and Technical Support

Click here to open the Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow Program presentation.  

Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow Program

Click here to open the Resolving Issues with Orders presentation.  

Resolving Issues with Orders

Click here to open the Source Approval Request presentation.  

Source Approval Request

Click here to open the Supplier Performance Risk System presentation.  

Click here to open the Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECPs) presentation.  

Click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2 to open the DCMA Overview presentation.  

DCMA Overview

Click here to open the Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) vendor user's guide. 

Vendor Shipment Module - Vendor User's Guide

Training for Distribution Businesses

Vendor Shipment Module

The following video provides the features and benefits of the DLA Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) .

What is an NSN?

The following video describes what a National Stock Number (NSN) is and how it is generated.