DLA Application Resources

DLA Internet Bid Board System

DLA Internet Bid Board System Home Screen

DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) - search for, view, and submit secure quotes on Request for Quotations for DLA items of supply.

DLA cFolders

DLA Collaboration Folders (cFolders) - contains Technical Data Packages (TDP)/BidSets and Engineering Data List (EDLs) for DLA procurements.

  • System Access Issues (Login problems, password resets and the like) call the DLA Enterprise Help Desk (EHD) at 1-855-352-0001
  • Access cFolders directly or via a quote or request for proposal (RFP) in DIBBS
  • TDP/Bidset discrepancies such as illegible or incomplete documents, missing data, additional access (license agreement), etc. issues, you must complete a customer service request at DLA Product Data Management Division (PDMD) Customer Service

DLA Application Resources

ASSIST - Quick Search  - search for defense and federal specifications and standards, military handbooks, commercial item descriptions, data item descriptions, MS detail drawings, Qualified Product Lists (QPLs), and related technical documents.

Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) - search for information about CAGE codes and other related topics

FedMall Supplier Portal - The Supplier Portal is designed for Vendors who wish to sell items on FedMall. From the Supplier Portal, Vendors may view and maintain the catalogs, access purchase orders, and manage their FedMall accounts.

Invoice, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (iRAPT) - is a secure web based system for electronic invoicing, receipt, and acceptance. 


Interactive Government & Industry Data Edit & Review (iGIRDER) - provides government contractors, manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers the ability to review and/or update product information used by Federal and Civil activities.

Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS) - a research tool, or first discovery mechanism, for those who do not know where engineering documents might reside, or where all revision levels are located. It also contains information on which repositories are holding specific engineering documents.

Web Federal Logistics Information System (WebFLIS) - provides information about supply items including the NSN, the item name, manufacturers and suppliers (including part numbers), through a web interface connected to FLIS data.

Having security certificate issues on DLA applications?

While most computers automatically recognize public Certification Authorities (CAs) that are trusted to validate the identity of the secure (HTTPS) websites, many .MIL sites are verified through private DoD CAs whose certificates require manual installation by a local system administrator. IT departments within the DoD typically install and update these certificates for their employees automatically, but there are occasions that updates do not reach all user workstations and a manual installation becomes necessary.  Non-DoD agencies, private sector organizations and home users do not typically have DoD CA certificates installed on their computers and will more than likely be required to complete the steps on the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) guide  in order to access many DLA resources.