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FedMall News

Small business and state and local government COVID-19 contingency stores

DLA launched the FedMall Small Business Corridor in 2020 for small business contractors to purchase PPE for their personnel to safely perform contracts for the government. This corridor provides an opportunity to meet State and Local government requirements for non-medical PPE, as well as equipment suitable for counter-drug, homeland security, and emergency response functions.

Offerings include cloth facemasks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, protective gloves, gowns, face shields, signage and other social distancing aids for the workplace.

Starting in mid-July 2020, FedMall will roll out the COVID-19 Contingency Store for state and local governments to browse and shop for non-medical PPE and similar material offered by the commercial supplier community in support of the federal COVID-19 relief efforts. 

Single sign-on via PIEE coming soon

In 2021 (TBD) FedMall will be transitioning to single sign-on (SSO) through the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment. The benefit of this arrangement is that the user must authenticate only once through PIEE to access FedMall and other Federal Procurement applications. This transition will streamline the user’s approach to log into the FedMall system.

The existing FedMall URL will redirect FedMall users to the PIEE website to log into the SSO portal and select the FedMall icon.   Upon selecting the FedMall icon users will land on the FedMall Homepage as they do currently. FedMall accounts classified as “enabled/active” status will be migrated to PIEE in active status.  Those accounts not in “enabled /active” status will be required to register as a new user in PIEE and select the FedMall application and FedMall role.

To ensure your FedMall account is classified as “active/enabled,” users must go into FedMall and access their account every 90 days.  FedMall will be maintaining all of the users’ information and history.  When the FedMall user accesses PIEE the first time, the user will be prompted to confirm their information on the registration pages and populate any missing data.  Existing FedMall accounts will be in an “active/enabled” status in PIEE and will not require Supervisor Approval and Government Account Manager (GAM) approval.  New registrations in PIEE will require the approvals and activation before accessing FedMall.