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FedMall will be unavailable from April 11 at 1800 to April 12 0200 ET. 

FedMall Customer and Supplier Information

Applications | Dec. 16, 2021


After logging into PIEE,  FedMall users will log into the SSO portal by selecting the FedMall icon. Search for items after logging in.

FedMall Program Information

FedMall is an eCommerce ordering system for the Department of Defense, federal, state, and authorized local agencies to search for and acquire products from government reserves and commercial sources. Via FedMall, customers have access to millions of individual items of supply, from centrally managed DoD and General Services Administration assets to commercial off-the-shelf products. FedMall also provides access to requisitions, research, and tracking tools for DLA inventory.

FedMall contains two main portals that users must access. FedMall Customers (buyers) must register and access the Commerce Portal; while Suppliers (vendors) must register and access the Supplier’s Portal.  Browse through both Customer and Supplier Registration and Process information to learn what you need to do to get started.

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Customer Registration

Before you start, be sure that you have a DoD approved digital certificate, such as a CAC, PIV, FBPKI, or an ECA (approved DISA external certifying agency). If you intend to have purchasing authority, you'll need to add a payment method (Government Purchase Card, credit card, or MILSTRIP). Find more on the most appropriate authentication option for you:

  • Common Access Card (CAC): a credit card-sized smart card issued by the DoD to uniformed service personnel, DoD civilian employees, and eligible contractors. Learn more about getting a CAC .
  • Personal Identify Verification (PIV) card: a credit card-sized smart card issued by the U.S. federal government in accordance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) requirements for a common identification standard for all federal employees and contractors. Learn more about getting a PIV .
  • DOD-Approved Digital Certificate: A valid DoD approved digital certificate, such as a soft certificate or an ECA (external certifying agency) available for registration and login: DOD FEDMALL  |IdenTrust External Certificate Authority or an ORC

To access FedMall, you must have an active PIEE account.  After you register in PIEE your supervisor will be notified of your request for PIEE account and/or FedMall role via email. Once approval is granted, the government account manager (GAM) will activate your account and FedMall role. You will receive email confirmation when your registration is complete. To avoid delays in your application, please ensure your supervisor's information is correct. If you have questions, please contact the PIEE Help Desk at:  or   1-866-618-5988. Thank you for your patience

  • Please visit FedMall via PIEE at:  
  • Select your authentication or ID certificate and enter your pin, when prompted. (Note: if you are not prompted to select a certificate, or if you are unable to proceed with your selected certificate, please contact the PIEE Help Desk)
  • Be sure to complete the registration form in its entirety 
  • PIEE Module Overview (PDF)
  • PIEE FedMall Registration Guide (PDF)

NOTE: After logging into FedMall, you may optionally add payment methods or request additional permissions.

Training courses, to include webinars, are available to provide a comprehensive overview of FedMall. Our instructors work closely with the FedMall program office team to provide the most up to date information and are able to customize the training based on the customers' requirements. For more information or to request additional training to fit your needs, please contact us at:

 Visit FedMall for instructions customized for Federal Government Personnel, Government Contractor Personnel, and State And Local Government Personnel, highlighted in red in the main content area. The FedMall Single Sign-on Guides, FedMall Registration Forms, Quick Start Guides, and Self-Help resources run down the right side of the page. Once you have access to FedMall, this information is also available by visiting the self-help page.

Supplier Registration

Be sure that you have each of the following:

  • Visit the Supplier Portal at PIEE: 
  • Select the Vendor user type 
  • Follow all directions 
  • Your CAGE code is required; it is a combination of five letters and numbers, and is listed in your record. PIEE will search for your registration. If you have a problem, check the following: 
    • Make sure that you can find your record in; if it’s a new registration, make sure that you have completed all registration steps and received your confirmation email that the record has passed all validations. 
    • Your registration must be “active”—you must have completed your registration or an update to your registration within the last year. 
    • You must not have an active exclusion (debarment) against your supplier entity. 
  • Verify all information is accurate, and click “Next” to continue. 
  • You have two options for participating in FedMall: 
    • If you have an existing Long Term Agreement (LTA) or Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for items or services in a catalog, you can provide it here. 
    • Alternatively, you have the option of participating in the new FedMall MarketPlace which allows suppliers to upload catalogs for supplies quickly and easily. The original phase of MarketPlace focused on office supplies but now allows a greater variety of supplies (more NAICS) to be offered to federal customers. The MarketPlace requires no contract, and lets you quickly get up and running selling commercial office supplies to the micro-purchase threshold to Government Purchase Card (GPC) holders.
  • See FedMall page for more information about adding contracts and specifying order routing configuration, especially if you will receive purchase orders via EDI or cXML.
  • PIEE SSO FedMall Contractor User Migration Steps (PDF)
  • PIEE Module Overview (PDF)
  • PIEE FedMall Registration Guide (PDF)

Training courses, to include webinars, are available to provide a comprehensive overview of FedMall. Our instructors work closely with the FedMall program office team to provide the most up to date information and are able to customize the training based on the customers requirements. For information on training platforms, please visit the:

Visit the FedMall Supplier Portal  and scroll to the FedMall Supplier Downloads section at the bottom of the page for FedMall Single Sign On Guides, Release Notes, Q&As, the Supplier Catalog Format Validator, and other Quick Start Guides.

FED LOG Download

FED LOG is available for download within FedMall. Contact the FED LOG team at for questions.

  1. Log into PIEE and Select FedMall .

  2. Select the FED LOG download from the “Tools” tab.

Already have Current FED LOG? Monthly Delta updates (PDF) might be for you

Technical Issues

Assistance and Contact Information

DLA Customer Interaction Center

For FedMall Commerce Issues, Navigation, Ordering Assistance or Procedural issues please contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center at:
Toll Free:  1-877-352-2255 (1-877-DLA-CALL)
DSN CONUS/OCONUS:   877-352-2255

PIEE Help Desk

For PIEE Registration / Login issues please contact the PIEE Help Desk at: 
Toll Free:   1-866-618-5988

DISA Global Service Desk

For FedMall Outage and IT Issues please contact the DISA Global Service Desk
Toll Free:   1-844-347-2457 (1-877-DISA-HLP)
DSN CONUS/OCONUS:   312-850-0032



Latest FedMall News

New look and feel coming to FedMall

With 37,000 users and an average of 341 transactions per day, FedMall consistently responds to the needs of its customers during normal and contingency operations. Upgrades are a necessity for the relevance of any software application and FedMall is no exception. This summer, there will be a series of FedMall updates introduced to benefit all FedMall users.  Most notably, the commerce modernization effort will introduce buyers to a new look and feel within FedMall.

The first phase of the commerce modernization, due out in late June, will include an upgrade to ensure the software is compatible with the latest technology. Transparent to the user, the upgrade allows FedMall to leverage tools that address cybersecurity vulnerabilities and improve overall system performance.  The upgrades our customers will notice start to occur this summer in subsequent releases, which will which will provide a more commercial look from the moment you log into FedMall and a more commercial feel while making purchases in the system.  

The application will be more responsive and important information and announcements will be easily available during log in.  Search functionality and order tracking capabilities will be significantly improved. With better access to shipping information, warfighters be able to track where their purchases are from order to delivery.  Accurate updates regarding delivery of equipment and supplies will provide critical information to support mission planning for our military, federal, state, and local customers and positively impact readiness.

Buyers will also notice that the system will be more intuitive and logical, allowing them to have greater control over their information, including updating their profiles, payment methods, and other important data. After the initial releases this summer, the entire commerce modernization is expected to be completed by December 2024.    


State and Local Government Purchasing Program

State and Local Government FedMall Purchasing Program Information Flyer (PDF)

In 2020, FedMall rolled out the COVID-19 Contingency Corridor allowing state and local governments to shop for non-medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and similar material offered by commercial suppliers that support federal COVID-19 relief efforts.

FedMall is the U.S. Government’s premier e-commerce acquisition platform. It provides an optimal online buying experience for U.S. military organizations, as well as federal, state and local governmental agencies. Customers can quickly search and purchase items online – whatever the need may be, from wherever they are.

The benefit of FedMall’s online shopping tool is it provides dynamic pricing and a safe shopping experience with pre-qualified suppliers. Available products from suppliers include cloth facemasks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, protective gloves, gowns, face shields, signage and other social distancing aids for public and common areas.

Given the demand for COVID-19 protection across the country, DLA has created this special online corridor within FedMall to provide the ability for state and local governments to purchase non-medical PPE at or below the micro-purchase threshold of $10,000. It is designed for first responder missions in support of counter drug, homeland security, and/or emergency response. First responders include firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, emergency management, public health, clinical care, public works, and other skilled support personnel that provide immediate support services during prevention, response, and recovery operations.

Questions about the program? Email


COVID-19 Contingency Store

The COVID-19 Contingency Store is a restricted storefront within FedMall offered to select Federal Government Contractor personnel in need of Non-Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and similar material in response to the Federal COVID-19 relief effort.


FedMall Town Halls

Join the FedMall Town Hall: Send Us Your Questions!

The FedMall Program Office will be hosting town halls to review issues shoppers and suppliers may be experiencing with the new system.

Still waiting on your registration to be approved? Can’t find a NSN you could find before? Join the discussion. Share with us your questions by e-mailing us directly at Please include the topic or issue in the subject line. To ensure we provide as much information as possible, only questions submitted prior to the town halls through email will be answered.

Upcoming Town Halls

The FedMall Program Office hosts Shopper/Supplier town halls to review issues shoppers and suppliers may be experiencing. The next Town Halls will be held:

2023 Dates **As needed

1300 ET for users, 1400 ET for suppliers
Dial-in: 1-301-909-7350, Conference ID: 35200912 


FedMall Training Webinars

2023 Schedule

We now offer complimentary webinars where experts will cover common challenges and provide guidance on everything from registration through final purchase. These interactive sessions give participants the opportunity to ask questions and produce better customer experiences with FedMall.

This training is intended for authorized users responsible for the ordering of supplies or services and for those conducting logistics research.

The training covers basic site navigation; the “how-to” search for items of supply or services; managing shopping carts; conducting search queries to check the status of orders or shipment tracking and may provide the answers to “Where Is My Stuff”.

The training is conducted virtually via Zoom for Government and the audio provided by DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency).

Access a Webinar

To access the training on the scheduled date, please use the following Zoom for Government direct link:
or Zoom for Government meeting ID: 160 424 7448

•    For audio use the following call-in number and access code: Call-in Number: 301-909-7349
Access Code: 35200639

•    Please access the training and call-in at least 15 minutes prior to start time. We recommend using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox as the browser of choice to access the training. Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

•    We kindly ask that you type your name and service affiliation when prompted prior to entering the training room.

For more information or to request additional training to fit your needs, please contact us at:

Contact Us

Any request for additional training on FedMall or DLA orders can be forwarded to:

Ron Maloney
Course Director
Fed Mall and DLA Orders


FedMall Small Business Corridor

FedMall is the premier government e-commerce acquisition platform providing an optimal experience for customers which include the United States military services, federal, state and authorized local governmental agencies. Customers are able to quickly search and purchase items online whatever the need may be from wherever you are.

The COVID-19 Contingency Store is a restricted storefront within FedMall allowing Department of Defense (DoD) Small Business Contractors to exclusively browse and shop for non-medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and similar material offered by the commercial supplier community in support of the Federal COVID-19 relief effort.

Offerings include cloth facemasks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, protective gloves, gowns, face shields, signage and other social distancing aids for the workplace. 


Wildland Fire Protection

  • Questions regarding the processing of Credit Card orders for Wildland Fire Protection customers can be supported by the DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC).
  • Qualifying MLSTRIP emergency requisitions should be submitted to the DLA CIC.

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