About DLA Information Operations (J6)


DLA Information Operations (J6) is the DLA knowledge broker, providing comprehensive, best practice Information Technology (IT) support to the Department of Defense (DOD)/DLA Logistics Business Community, resulting in highest quality information systems, customer support, efficient and economical computing, data management, electronic business, telecommunication services, key management, and secure voice systems for DOD, DLA, and geographically separated operating locations.



Develops, implements, and sustains the DLA Cybersecurity Program to ensure the confidentiality, availability, integrity, and non-repudiation of DLA’s classified and unclassified information systems, to include all associated resources. 

Program Executive Office (PEO) Enterprise Applications

Responsible for development and delivery of new DLA application solutions & sustainment of application operational capabilities. Provides oversight and direction to portfolio managers and program managers of emerging and sustainment programs covering the entire acquisition lifecycle.

Enterprise Infrastructure Services

Operates and manages all aspects of the global DLA network (WAN and LANs), service delivery measurements and reporting, and develops and deploys standardized infrastructure solutions for the DLA enterprise.

Strategic Data and Analysis

Sets policy and develops data and analytics frameworks and guidelines while giving DLA's business lines flexibility to analyze and visualize data in ways that meet their specific needs.

Research and Development

Develops and delivers new capabilities through applied technologies and innovative solutions to enhance warfighter sustainment.

Strategic Technology and Investments

Defines DLA technology direction, to include developing and maintaining both the enterprise architecture strategy and the enterprise data strategy.

Customer Experience and Relationship Management

Integrates delivery of IT services and functions to all DLA customers and stakeholders by using succinct and deliberate communication and relationship management strategically positioned with stakeholders and customers globally.


Mr. Adarryl Roberts
Chief Information Officer, DLA Information Operations

Mr. Bradley Lantz
Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer, DLA Information Operations

Mr. James Johnson
Program Executive Officer, DLA Information Operations