DLA's support spans the globe and its Pacific team is passionate about providing customers with the right logistics solution anywhere, anytime because they live logistics.

DLA Indo-Pacific is the agency’s primary liaison to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, U.S. Forces Korea, U.S. Forces Japan and Alaska Command. DLA Indo-Pacific provides a unified DLA interface for warfighters throughout the USINDOPACOM area of responsibility, integrating DLA support within the region and reaching back to other DLA activities in the continental United States for logistics solutions.

DLA Indo-Pacific’s headquarters is located in Building 479, Pearl Harbor, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. To better support warfighters, the organization’s operations span the Pacific Region.

The Indo-Pacific Logistics Operations Center at Camp Smith, Hawaii; the USINDOPACOM liaison officer; and other DLA representatives work closely with the USINDOPACOM staff and the military services’ component commands to integrate DLA into all plans and operations.

The DLA Indo-Pacific liaison officer at Yokota Air Base, Japan, works closely with the USFJ staff to fully integrate DLA support.

An operations center at Camp Henry, Daegu, Korea supports operations on the Korean Peninsula. The Korea staff works closely with military service logisticians to integrate DLA into planning and operations. Additionally, the DLA liaison officer to USFK in Seoul directly supports USFK and 8th Army in addressing their strategic issues and ensuring an in-depth understanding of DLA capabilities. The DLA Korea team, through constant training and practice, also stands ready to form a full scale DLA support team to support exercises or operations in Korea.

DLA Indo-Pacific also has warfighter support representatives located in Hawaii, Korea, mainland Japan, Okinawa, Guam and Alaska to provide planning and on-site customer support, training and interface.




DLA Headquarters Recent News

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DLA Indo-Pacific News

DLA Indo-Pacific regional command supports Keen Edge, Pacific Sentry
Defense Logistics Agency Indo-Pacific Commander Navy Capt Kristin Acquavella (second row center) celebrates with members of the DLA Indo-Pacific Keen Edge/Pacific Sentry 2020-2 (KE/PS20-2) Exercise logistics support team at Camp Smith, Hawaii.
Feb. 11, 2020 - Logistics planners from across Defense Logistics Agency entities converged at DLA's Synchronization Operations Center at Camp Smith, Hawaii, to support Keen Edge and Pacific Sentry exercise.

Martin retires after more than 32 years of service
The Defense Logistics Agency Indo-Pacific Commander Navy Capt. Kristin Acquavella and Military Deputy Commander Army Col. Julia Bell recognized Glen Martin, DLA Indo-Pacific Warfighter Representative for his more than 32 years of service with DLA during his retirement ceremony at Yokosuka Officer's Club, Japan in December.  Photo by Lt. Col. Heather Sharpless
Dec. 30, 2019 - Glen Martin, DLA Indo-Pacific Warfighter Support Representative, recognized for his 32-plus years of service and career with DLA recently during a retirement luncheon at the Yokosuka Officers Club at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan.

DLA Indo-Pacific: Team First … One Team … One DLA
The Defense Logistics Agency Indo-Pacific command board showcases the people who support the regional command's mission.
Nov. 15, 2019 - As DLA Indo-Pacific hits the three-year mark since command and control was implemented, we have learned that combined DLA equities supporting one geographic combatant command requires a “Team First … One Team … One DLA, said Navy Capt. Kristin Acquavella, commander of Defense Logistics Agency Indo-Pacific.