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Applications | Feb. 16, 2022

PIEE- Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment

Also Known As: WAWF or Wide Area Workflow

PIEE Information

The Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) is the DoD and federal one-stop-shop for procurement capabilities. The PIEE is home to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), Electronic Data Access (EDA), FEDMALL, PALT, MyInvoice, and much more. Capabilities include:

PIEE Systems graphic
PIEE Systems graphic
PIEE Systems graphic
Photo By: DLA Public Affairs
VIRIN: 220304-D-D0441-8000
Single sign on/role-based access based on job series

  • Data from multiple applications
  • Standardized procurement hierarchy for purchase card and procurement
  • Pre-award, award and post-award administration
  • Payment
  • Property management    
  • Contract close out
  • Rapid development and deployment of applications

Get Started

DLA Vendors

To get started with PIEE, follow the steps and view the instructions below:

Step 1: PIEE has specific system requirements. Those requirements can be found under the New User Set-Up section on the PIEE Help Page

Step 2:  Vendor Self Registration

Step 3: Create your PIEE Document from the PIEE Production Page

Helpful New User information and Training can be found on the WAWF Help page located at PIEE Help .

Government Users

PIEE requires the minimum System Requirements:

  • 133 MHz or more Pentium microprocessor (or equivalent)
  • SVGA Color Monitor (minimum 256 color)
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Please refer to the "Machine Setup " link on the homepage for further details.

Quick Reference Guides:

For questions regarding invoice status please contact DFAS directly.


Electronic Data Access Reference Guides

  • Contract Closeout Search
  • Contract Execution History
  • Award Search
  • ACRN Obligation for Order Number
  • MIPR Search
  • Warrants Search
  • Non-Automated GBL
  • Procurement Instruments Awarded and Closed
  • Mods Changing Location Report
  • Bulk Document Download
  • UC20 iRAPT Messages
  • SF44 Search
  • LOASFIS Search
  • Conformed Contract Summary
  • iRAPT Acceptance and Payment Date Deltas
  • Enterprise Award File
  • Freight GBL
  • DCAA Report
  • Contract Invoice History

Surveillance and Performance Monitoring Reference Guides

  • Contracting Officer Representative Status Report Smart Form
  • Admin Reports Electronic Data Access
  • Add a Document
  • Warranty Tracking Info Smart Form
  • Warranty Source of Repair Instructions
  • Universal Examination Record
  • Trip Report Smart Form
  • Surveillance Schedule Smart form
  • Surveillance Checklist Smart Form
  • Memorandum for the Record Smart Form
  • Correspondence Report Smart Form
  • Contracting Officer Representative Surveillance File
  • Contracting Officer Representative Surveillance and Oversight
  • Contract Progress Report Smart Form
  • Contract Discrepancy Report Smart Form
  • Construction Contracting Officer Representative Compliance Review Smart Form
  • Annual Contracting Officer Representative File Inspection Checklist Smart Form
  • Admin Reports Procurement Business Intelligence Service (PBIS)

Related Links

Assistance and Contact Information

For more information about PIEE, contact the PIEE Program Office at

PIEE Help Desk 

For Technical Issues please contact the PIEE Help Desk:
Phone: 866-618-5988

Contact Us

PIEE Help Desk
Phone Number: 
 DISA Global Service Desk

PIEE/WAWF Program Office

PIEE Systems