Employment Verification

DLA employees can provide employment verification right from their DLA workstation. The MyBiz+ Employment Verification Tool allows you to submit employment verifications to an external organization, such as a business or bank, via a secure Internet connection. Lenders do not have access to this information and cannot gain access to this information. The tool gives you complete control over who can receive and view this information.

To have an employment verification emailed to your lender or service provider, start by accessing your MyBiz+ account:

  • Log into the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) Portal.
  • Select “Smart Card Log In.” If you have never registered your smart card, please visit the DLA HR Systems page and open the DCPDS section.
  • If asked to “Choose Your Path,” click the purple block with “HR MyBiz+ DLA.”
  • Read and accept the Privacy Act Statement
  • Under Key Services, select “Request Employment Verification.”
  • Select your Information to Send, either “Employment Information” or “Employment and Salary Information.”
  • Enter recipient email address in the “To” field, and verify your work email address is correct in the “My Email” field. Click “Continue.”
  • Select "Continue" to "Acknowledge and Submit" to send your employment verification.
  • For extra security, you will receive an email with a Document Password. It is your responsibility to provide this password to the recipient to open the Employment Verification. 

Once you send this information and the pass code to the lender or potential employer, your verification is complete.

If you have questions about MyBiz+ or the Employment Verification tool please send an email to