Returning From Overseas Employment

DLA Overseas Employee References

Priority Placement Program (PPP)

The PPP is a DoD-wide automated program to assist in the placement of employees adversely affected by actions such as Reduction-in-Force, base closures, realignments, consolidations, contracting out, position classification decisions, rotation from overseas, and transfer of function.

To Request Registration in the Priority Placement Program: 

If your overseas tour is not extended, please contact your servicing Human Resources Team to determine registration eligibility in the Priority Placement Program. If determined to meet the eligibility requirements, the Human Resources Forward Presence for your region will reach out to you with further counseling and documentation to complete for registration.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

PCS travel orders are designed to provide for travel and transportation expenses of an employee and immediate family members, movement and storage of household goods and personal effects, and certain other allowances incident to movement from overseas.

Terminating Allowances

To terminate Living Quarters Allowance, Post Allowance, Post Differential, Separate Maintenance Allowance and Home Leave, you must submit a completed SF-1190. Provide completed documents to the Overseas Entitlements Team,

Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)

Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance is a non-taxable supplement for employees traveling to/from an overseas duty location on official travel orders and authorized Living Quarters Allowance.  This allowance covers expenses for lodging, meals, laundry and dry cleaning not to exceed maximum allowance. TQSA is granted for up to 30 days prior to departing the overseas duty station. It is recommended that you apply for reimbursement upon vacating temporary quarters.

Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense (TQSE)

Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense (TQSE) is a supplemental allowance intended to reimburse employees for the cost of lodging, food, and other necessities when occupying temporary quarters. Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense may be authorized up to 60 days, and reimbursement is taxable.

Clearance Checklist