Post Allowance

Definition of Post Allowance

Post allowance is a non-taxable cost of living allowance granted to employees stationed at a post or foreign area where the cost of living, exclusive of quarters costs, is substantially higher than in Washington, DC.  Post allowance is not based on a percentage of your salary, but is a cost index percentage between the Washington, DC area and the assigned post, and is based upon the number of family members residing at the post and the base salary.

To Request Post Allowance

To receive Post Allowance, you must submit a completed SF-1190. Post Allowance should be requested upon movement from temporary quarters to permanent quarters, or if TQSA is not used, upon arrival at the overseas duty location. Provide completed documents to

How Long Will It Take to Receive Post Allowance

It will take approximately four weeks to receive Post Allowance from receipt of your completed request.  Payment of post allowance is included in your normal biweekly check.