New Applicants

Welcome to the 1033 Program! Now that your agency has been accepted  and issued a DODAAC, you can begin the process of registering with our web-based applications.

New applicants should be aware that to obtain full capabilities in the 1033 program, users are required to register with each of the following websites:


This website gives access to many applications, however, specifically for LESO customers, the RTD website. The AMPS website also allows users to reset RTD passwords should they become locked out.

The External Business Portal/RTD

This website allows registered users to view and request excess DOD property for their Law Enforcement Agency. Want lists and requisition statuses can be checked from this page.


This website is the online property book for all agencies enrolled in the 1033 program. Users are able to administer their agency’s inventory.

Additionally, State LEAs are required to certify their inventory in FEPMIS annually.

LESO Training Page