If You Think You Have Been Sexually Harassed
If You Think You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

DLA Headquarters Office of Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity

Complaints and Compliance (DO-C)

Provides oversight for enterprise-wide EEO complaints process, including DLA’s EEO investigations.
Conducts EEO training and development for the DLA workforce and for DLA EEO practitioners.
Ensures compliance with agency EEO policies, instructions, and standard operating procedures.
Prepares agency reports highlighting agency complaint trends.

Affirmative Employment/Diversity (DO-D)

Develops and implements policies, programs and initiatives related to diversity, inclusion, affirmative employment, and to reasonable accommodations of disabilities.
Oversees and ensures compliance with federal special emphasis program requirements.
Prepares reports highlighting agency demographics and trends.
Identifies and facilitates the elimination of work place barriers.

Operations (DO-S)

Manages the EEO complaint and reasonable accommodation processes for Headquarters workforce.
Develops, coordinates, and executes specific actions to meet the objectives of the special emphasis programs.
Provides EEO services for Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC).
Provides EEO specific training.
Manages the Headquarters Affirmative Employment Plan.

Major Subordinate Command EEO Offices

DLA Aviation (Richmond, VA)
DLA Disposition Services (Battle Creek, MI)
DLA Distribution (Cumberland, PA)
DLA Energy (Fort Belvoir, VA)
DLA Land and Maritime (Columbus, OH)
DLA Troop Support (Philadelphia, PA)