Expanding horizons with the DLA Enterprise Rotation Program

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs


Graduating with her sixth university degree, Pamela Downing, Ph.D., wanted to use her most recent education while broadening her Defense Logistics Agency career. 

Downing is currently a lead project manager for DLA Information Operations. Throughout her 29 years of government service – 17 at DLA – she has predominantly held information technology positions. Inspired by her recent studies in occupational technology with a concentration in adult learning, Downing sought to put her new skills to use working with the DLA Energy acquisition workforce. 

“After reviewing the DLA Enterprise Rotation Program job description with the acquisition workforce development team, I was excited about the opportunity to utilize my new degree skills, IT skills and program manager skills to serve on this awesome team,” she said. 

A core concept of the DLA People and Culture Plan, career enhancement opportunities and leadership programs like the DLA Enterprise Rotation Program are offered to employees to unlock the full potential of their backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

From January to July, Downing served as the project manager for several DLA Energy acquisition training initiatives. She managed on-site Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund training; she coordinated the recruiting and selecting of individuals to participate development opportunities sponsored by DLA and external agencies; and she leveraged the QLIK analytics tool to enhance the acquisition workforce development monthly reporting of acquisition workforce data.

“Pam hit the ground running and was an immediate asset to the team,” said DLA Energy Acquisition Workforce Development Team Division Chief Ditu Kasuyi. “She quickly built relationships with stakeholders and utilized various conflict resolution strategies to overcome challenges.”

She learned her new roles and created job aids and after-action reports along the way to document the process and lessons learned, Kasuyi said. She was able to challenge the status quo and therefore new processes were adapted, he added. 

In addition to her program management responsibilities, Downing took courses to enhance her learning and understanding of the DLA Energy roles and missions including the DLA Energy Overview Course, DLA Energy Procurement Process Support Directorate Course, and the DLA Energy Small Business Course. 

“I was exposed to a whole new world within DLA Energy,” Downing said. “Working with his team and seeing Mr. Kasuyi’s leadership style in action gave me a deeper appreciation for our acquisition community.” 

Leadership thanked Downing for her contributions and deliverables on several projects.

“With a positive attitude, methodical work habits and an organized system, she pressed forward in helping the team make progress,” Kasuyi said. “Ms. Downing’s tireless efforts ensured all projects under her purview met milestones, stakeholders were engaged in a timely manner and projects were kept on schedule.”

Downing highly recommends the DLA Enterprise Rotation Program to any employee who is looking to broaden their experiences and understanding of the agency. 

“The assignment was very rewarding,” Downing said. “It’s always a great idea when an opportunity presents itself to get out of your comfort zone and experience new challenges.”

For more information about DLA Enterprise Rotation Program’s opportunities, assignment descriptions and deadlines, visit the DLA Enterprise Rotation Program web page (CAC card required).