Statement Regarding Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

DLA Strategic Materials is OPEN and continuing to monitor the advancement of COVID-19 and the guidance recommended for all of its locations. However, our operating status may change.

For the foreseeable future, DLA Strategic Materials will continue to work with its Contract Customers on shipping requests as received. However, due to a Government-wide travel ban, DLA Strategic Materials will hereby suspend sales offerings from Wenden, AZ storage location until further notice. If you have questions, you are asked to direct them to or call us at 571-767-5500.

For the most current information regarding sales and shipments, please call us directly at 571-767-5500 Monday thru Friday from 0800-1600 EDT.

Please do not contact our Depots directly regarding future shipments not yet approved.

We also ask that under no circumstances you send contract carriers to any of our storage locations without direct approval from DLA Strategic Materials.

Thank you and remain safe.

DLA Strategic Materials


To decrease and preclude dependence upon foreign sources or single points of failure for strategic materials in times of national emergency.


Subject matter experts solving the strategic and critical material needs for national defense.


Provide for the:

  • Operation and oversight of the National Defense Stockpile
  • Acquisition and retention of stockpile materials
  • Conversion and upgrade of stockpile materials to prevent obsolescence
  • Development and Qualification of domestic sources of strategic materials
  • Recycling of strategic materials from end-of-life Government items
  • Disposal of excess stocks for operational funding