Our Purpose

DLA Strategic Materials is the leading U.S. agency for the analysis, planning, procurement and management of materials critical to national security. We serve our clients through a unique combination of technical expertise, global/geopolitical material supply analysis, and management & tracking of a broad range of existing & future critical materials.

Our Mission

DLA Strategic Materials administers the implementation and execution of Strategic and Critical Materials (S&CM) policies as set forth by the National Defense Stockpile (NDS) Manager.  Strategic Materials is responsible for acquiring, upgrading, rotating, and disposing of stockpile materials as provided by the Annual Materials Plan (AMP).  Our duties include storage, security, testing, contracting, quality studies, and maintenance and replacement of materials in the NDS. Strategic Materials directs the development of new or revised specifications and special instructions for existing and proposed S&CM to be stockpiled. Along with overseeing the NDS we administer and implement policies and procedures for the DLA Strategic Materials environmental program.  In addition, we administer the financial and property accounting systems to include the NDS Transaction Fund.