Strategic Materials


Annual Materials Plan (AMP):

The Annual Material Plan (AMP) sets forth anticipated materials actions within the fiscal year and sets the maximum quantity by material for those possible actions.

AMP - Potential Sales/Disposals - Fiscal Year 2022

AMP - Potential Acquisitions of New NDS Stocks - Fiscal Year 2022

Annual Operations & Planning Report to Congress:
The Annual Operations & Planning Report summarizes DLA Strategic Materials activities, outlining disposals, acquisitions, inventory and R&D projects over the previous fiscal year. To request a copy of this report, please email with your name, company and reason for request. 

Requirements Report to Congress:
Under Section 14 of the Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act (50 U.S.C. 98 et seq., “The Act”), the Secretary of Defense is required to submit a report on stockpile requirements to Congress every other year.  As mandated, this report recommends stockpile requirements and details the key supply-demand assumptions used in arriving at the Secretary’s recommendations. Furthermore, this report presents ongoing efforts to address potential future materials risks.