Customer Information Guides

DLA Strategic Materials would like to thank you for your interest in our sales program.  Listed below are help guides.  The guides are available to assist first time users when attempting to register and develop a business relationship with DLA Strategic Materials. Beginning in September 2017, the DLA Strategic Materials Sales Portal will be hosted in an external government portal. YOU MUST register for a new account to access the new Sales Portal. You may find user guides on registering for a new account in the section below.


Request an AMPs Account and Role:

In order to view or obtain information through our new sales portal, you must first establish an account in the Account Managing and Provisioning System (AMPs). This will provide you with a user unique login that is password protected. Once your account is established, you will be able to request a role to access the Sales Portal.

News sales program registrants must submit copies of the most recent income statement, balance sheet, list of company credit references and any other documentation that will verify the financial level of business transactions.  The information submitted will be reviewed prior to AMPs account request approval.  Copies of this documentation should be emailed to the attention of the DLA Strategic Materials Directorate of Contracting at

AMPs Account/Role Request

Creating a Secure Password


Creating a Contact Profile:

Once you have established your AMPs account and role, you are now ready to create a contact profile.

Contact Profile Guide


Editing a Contact Profile:

Once you have established your company profile, the guide below will assist you in editing the information your company profile displays.  This will also help in selecting which information you would like to obtain regarding the various commodities.

Editing a Contact Profile


Creating a PIN:

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required for submitting Solicitation Registrations, Quotes and Shipment Requests.  Your PIN is a six (6) digit number that is initially selected by the user.  When creating a PIN, the user must specify a security question and answer to be used when the user has forgotten the PIN and would like to generate a new one.

Creating a PIN Guide


Registering for a Solicitation:

In order to submit offers on the commodities DLA Strategic Materials has available for sale, you must first register your company for the Sales Program, submit the Solicitation submittals and then acknowledge the individual material amendments prior to participating in any open offerings.

Solicitation Registration Guide (Sections 4, 5 & 9)


Submitting an Offer:

Once your company has been approved to participate in the sales offering, the guide linked below will assist you in submitting a quote.

Submitting A Quote (Section 6)


Shipment Requests:

If your company has been awarded material, you will be required to submit shipping instructions prior to contract expiration.  The guide below will assist you in navigating the sales portal to request shipment of the material.

Submitting A Shipping Request (Section 7)


Submitting A Pricing Declaration (negotiated contracts only)

If your company has been awarded material under a negotiated contract, you may be required (depending on contract terms) to submit pricing declarations based on your awarded formula. The guide below will walk you through submitting a pricing declaration on your negotiated contract..

Submitting A Pricing Declaration (Section 8)