DLA Strategic Materials Sales Program Customer Registration

Access the Customer Information Guides for the new DLA Strategic Materials Sales Website.

In order to receive email notifications regarding DLA Strategic Materials activities, interested parties must update their contact profile in the Strategic Materials Sales Portal.

In order to participate in Sales offerings, customers must register for the desired solicitation type in the Sales Menu section of the Strategic Materials Sales Portal.

Getting Started Purchasing Commodities from DLA Strategic Materials

New customers must request an account and then establish a company profile. Once approved, registering for the desired solicitation type can begin. For more information on registering to quote on material, please view the Customer Action Guide. Negotiated tenders do not require pre-registration. ALL quotes (for BOA or Negotiated tenders) MUST to be submitted via the DLA-Strategic Materials Sales Portal. Quotes WILL NOT be accepted under any other transmissions.

For Questions about Registration or Other Inquiries:

Email: DLAStrategicMaterials@dla.mil
Or call:  571-767-5500