Manganese Ore Information

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Sampling/Site Visit Information

Manganese ore is currently available for sampling between June 25 through 27, 2019 and July 09 through 11, 2019. 

Offerors or their designees, at their expense, are encouraged to inspect the material prior to placing an offer and to take a sample.  Samples shall not exceed 2,000 pounds.  Offerors shall provide containers and the equipment necessary to obtain each required sample.  Samples will be obtained in the presence of and under the direction of a DLA Strategic Materials representative.

Offerors or their designees must register to visit the site five (5) business days prior to sample and inspect the material.  Requests for an appointment must be made by submitting a Material Sampling Request through the DLA Strategic Materials Website at:

All information will be sent by email.  The Government reserves the right to limit the number of individuals granted access to the storage location.

Offerors or their designees will not be charged a fee for sampling the material, but will be required to provide the Government with any elemental analysis results from the sample testing.  The Government does not warrant any samples to be representative of an entire pile.