IGD 1007: Competence, Training and Awareness





This IGD identifies training needs for personnel and those working on our behalf whose responsibilities may create a significant impact on the environment or significant SOH risk. In addition, this IGD describes procedures that will assure our employees and those working on our behalf are aware of the important ESOH issues. This IGD applies to all applicable employees of our Headquarters and all Depots who are responsible for those activities and operations impacting environmental aspects and safety and occupational health risks. Management is responsible for ensuring that applicable personnel receive training to achieve an appropriate level of ESOH competence and awareness.


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Conformance with Established Policies and Procedures


Our ESOHMS program requires us to implement a training program (ISO 14001:2004 Standard and OHSAS 18001 specification 4.4.1, 4.4.2, and 4.4.4). Our goal is not only to meet the requirement established by our ESOHMS, but to define a program that engages our workforce and focuses us toward environmental, safety and occupational health (ESOH) awareness. Each of us is the key to assuring strong ESOH stewardship.

The three types of ESOHMS training are:

1. Job function training (for example: DOT and HAZMAT training)

2. Environmental program training (for example: stormwater management)

3. Safety training (these types of training include ESOH topics and the ESOHMS as discussed during the monthly Depot Safety Meetings)

ESOHMS - Related Training is identified and executed via the following process:

Individuals complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for review and approval by the Administrator.  Each employee is responsible for identifying training requirements with their supervisor and to complete their IDP. Information on the approved IDP is entered into the Learning Management System (LMS). LMS tracks the training completion and issues certificates of completion. If training must be completed via a vendor, an SF-182 must be submitted and approved. A memo from the staff supervisor is required if training is conducted outside the commuting area. Records for environmental training initiated at the depot level will be maintained at each respective depot.


All persons working in or on behalf of the government, whose work responsibilities may impact the environment, and/or safety and occupational health shall be made aware of the importance of conformance with and the consequences of departure from:



The Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Policy Statement



ESOHMS and applicable directives, policies, procedures, guidelines, and requirements identified in this website, including emergency preparedness and response requirements



Identified roles and responsibilities



The ESOH Pocket Guide and Five Commandments poster may be used to inform contractors of the above information (available on I Am The Key Home Page)






Training Classes


This may be accomplished via:



New employee orientation training



Specific, job-related and technical training



Environmental compliance training



Environmental awareness training



Safety and Occupational Health training

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Emergency response training



Other internal communication vehicles


Management and supervision of the various strategic business units and support departments are responsible for assuring conformance with established ESOH policies, procedures, etc.




Training Schedule



Training that must occur at regular intervals is listed on a training matrix for each depot. It is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet regulatory and/or DLA objectives.








Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability


Roles and responsibilities of persons working in or on behalf of the government whose work may have an ESOH impact are identified through specific job descriptions, other aspects of their functional work assignments, and performance expectations contained in their respective strategic plans and directives.


Accountability for achieving conformance with the ESOH Policy Statement procedures and requirements of the ESOHMS, including emergency preparedness and response requirements, is provided by the employee's general and specific standards in the performance appraisal process. On the job training is a key means of training staff. Records of on the job training will be maintained.








Competence levels for our personnel are detailed in the position description and IDP. Personnel performing the tasks that can cause ESOH impacts shall have qualifications the are  based upon:






Equivalent work experience



Specialized training programs (internal or external)


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The references listed below are not intended to be all inclusive but rather to provide examples of typical documentation and records, illustrative of the ESOHMS and are not necessarily controlled by this ESOHMS Manual.



Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Awareness Training Manual


The ESOH Management System Pocket Guide

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