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Federal Logistics Data on Mobile Media (FED LOG)

New FED LOG is Here!
Customers can expect to see a new FED LOG! The FED LOG application has a new look and feel and comes with many new features. FED LOG now has a scroll format that replaces the tabs used to navigate the data. This makes FED LOG compatible with a multitude of platforms, as it is scalable to the screen size for the user. The data sets in FED LOG remain the same.

Users now have the ability to enter data (e.g. NSN, NIIN, Part Number, and CAGE Code) into a single search bar.This function provides output data to assist in the logistician’s research. The filter feature allows users to select service specific management data elements.

Users with a 64-bit computer are able to access both versions while users with a 32-bit computer will receive the old version only.

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Federal Logistics (FED LOG) data provides users the ability to access Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) data during instances when internet connectivity is non-available. FED LOG provides essential information about items of supply to include the National Stock Number (NSN), the Approved Item Name, Manufacturers and Distributors information (to include Part Numbers), Freight Data, Hazardous Materiel Indicators, Interchangeable and Substitutable data, Acquisition Advice Code (AAC) and Unit Price, Physical and Performance Characteristics along with service specific management data.

How to access FED LOG

FED LOG is available by downloading from within FedMall. Contact the FED LOG team at fedlog@dla.mil for questions.

  1. Log into FedMall.
  2. Select the FED LOG download from the “Tools” tab



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  • Modern 64-bit interface
  • Single line query
  • Ranked searching
  • Favorites and recent searches
  • One-click spreadsheet export
  • Visual filtering
  • Representative Query group icons
  • Simplified batch search capability
  • 12 month historical data

  • Logisticians
  • Engineering Support Activities
  • Provisioners
  • Procurement and Contracting Personnel
  • Supply and Maintenance Personnel
  • Distribution Personnel
  • Storage and Transportation Personnel
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Disposal Personnel

  • Search for an item based on key characteristic attributes
  • Obtain management data for procurement, requisition, storage, logistical, and management decision usage
  • Determine freight standards
  • Cross-reference part numbers and stock numbers
  • Create batch searches and run large amounts of data
  • Customize data to meet specific requirements
  • Identify manufactures and distributors
  • Obtain service-unique logistic information