Public Logistics Data on Mobile Media (PUB LOG)

DLA Disposition Services Demilitarization Reference

Publication (DEMIL)

Notice:  In compliance with Subsection 455, Chapter 4, of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Manual on Codification, dated Aug 82, this publication does not contain NATO National Stock Numbers (NSNs) with National Codification Bureau (NCB) code of 11 and above.  United States (U.S.) users may utilize LOLA Classic and FED LOG to obtain such information.

DLA Disposition Services Demilitarization Reference Publication (DEMIL) is part of the PUB LOG DVD product. It is intended for use by activities involved in property disposal to determine what special restrictions (if any) apply in the demilitarization of material.


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  • National Security Agency (NSA) Items
  • Security Classified Items
  • Items without and assigned Demilitarization Code
  • Item Name
  • Proposed DML
  • Hazardous Material Indicator Codes (HMIC)
  • DLA Disposition Services Challenge Indicator Codes
  • Major Organizational Entity Codes (MOE)
  • Controlled Inventory Item Codes (CIIC)
  • Source of Supply (SOS)
  • Using Service Codes (USI)
  • Certain Management Control Data for the:
    • Coast Guard
    • Air Force
    • Army
    • Marine Corps
    • Navy
  • Federal Supply Calssification (FSC)
  • National Item Identification Number (NIIN)
  • Item Name (NAME)
  • Item Name Code (INC)
  • Material Management Aggregation Code (MMAC)
  • Material Content Code (MCC)
  • Special Material Identification Code (SMIC)
  • SOS
  • DEMIL Code (DEMIL)
  • Precious Metals Indicator Code (PMIC)
  • HMIC

Each of the above search elements is further defined in the PUB LOG product. Multiple word elements require an underscore between each word searching for defnition (i.e. Item Name should be typed Item_Name).

Note: NSNs that contain any proprietary information (indicated by MRC PRPY) are excluded.