Public Logistics Data on Mobile Media (PUB LOG)


The H-Series is part of the PUB LOG download product.  It consists of six Supply Handbook Publications:

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  • Provides information about the FSC and Federal Supply Group (FSG)
  • Allows users to search by:
    • FSG
    • FSC
    • FSG Title (FSG_TITLE)
    • FSC Title (FSC_TITLE)
  • Provides uniform, centrally assigned code numbers for generic descriptions of items of supply identified in two FSCs within the Federal Catalog System (FCS)
    • 13 (Ammunition and Explosives)
    • 14 (Guided Missiles)
  • Allows users to search by:
    • FSC
    • Department of Defense Identification Code (DODIC)
    • DODAC
    • Item Name (ITEM_NAME)
  • Provides information about all manufacturers and non-manufacturers doing business with the Federal Government to include:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Socioeconomic data
  • Allows user to search by:
    • CAGE
    • STATUS
    • TYPE
    • Contract Administration Office (CAO)
    • CITY
    • State (STATE_PROVINCE)
  • Shows the corporate complex structure of commercial entities and affiliated companies assigned a five-digit CAGE Code or NATO Supply Code for Manufacturers
  • Allows users to search by:
    • Association CAGE (ASSOCIATION_CAGE)
    • CAGE
    • CITY
    • STATE
    • Zip Code (ZIP)
    • State (PROVINCE)
    • Postal Zone (POSTAL_ZONE)
  • Provides item name data for the development and maintenance of item identifications within the FCS to include:
    • Approved Item Names (AINs)
    • Basic and Colloquial Names with definitions and associated FSCs
    • Condition Codes
    • Federal Item Identification Guides (FIIGs) Applicability Key
    • Concept Number
      • Item Name Codes (INCs)
    • Allows users to search by:
      • INC
      • Item Name (ITEM_NAME)
      • FIIG
      • FIIG 4 (FIIG_4)
      • FSC
      • Integrated Materiel Manager (IMM)

    Each of the above elements is further defined in the PUB LOG product. Multiple word elements require an underscore between each word when searching for definition (i.e. Item Name should be typed Item_Name).

: NSNs that contain any proprietary information (indicated by MRC PRPY) are excluded from this publication.