Public Logistics Data on Mobile Media (PUB LOG)

Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Procedures



Notice: The Federal Logistics Information Procedures (FLIS) Manual is currently being updated. No new updates will be made until further notice. Questions should be referred to the DLA Customer Interation Center (CIC).

The FLIS Procedures Manual is part of the PUB LOG product and provides guidance for cataloging transactions.


Volume Glossary contains:

  • Glossary
  • Table of Contents
  • Alphabetical index for the entire manual

Volume 1 contains:

  • The Federal Catalog Program Policy
  • Information about system concepts and maintenance
  • Overview of system content and use

Volume 2 contains information and procedural guidance of FLIS system features.

Volume 3 contains technical and administrative information concerning:

  • Submittal of data for inclusion in the item naming and classification systems
  • Maintenance of cataloging guidance for input and processing of identifications transactions

Volume 4 contains procedural guidance for the entry and maintenance of an item in the Federal Catalog System (FCS), including classification and reference number review criteria.

Volume 5 provides technical and administrative information for the use of several general and special purpose data extraction features that make item system data available in various formats.

Volume 6 contains procedures for the submittal and use of data required for inventory control and supply support of items entered in the FCS through the item identification process.

Volume 7 contains procedures for collecting administrative data from commercial and government entities for use in the reference number and provisioning screening processes in support of the item identification and supply management functions.

Volume 8 and Volume 9 provide element-by-element representations of select:

  • Item identification
  • Interrogation/Search
  • Supply Management
  • Organizational Entity
  • Provisioning Screening
  • Materiel Management Decision Rule Table segments and input/output transactions

The use of a data element in a given Document Identifier Code (DIC) is governed by notes. All notes and definitions are listed in Chapters 8.4 and 9.5. Several data elements have tables of values in Volume 10, as indicated by note NC.

Data Record Numbers (DRNs) assigned to data elements are listed and defined in Volume 12, Chapter 12.4. A format column indicates the number of characters and the type of characters as follows:

  • A-Alphabetic
  • N-Numeric
  • X-X-Alphaumeric

Volume 10 contains the data code tables and cross-references to aid in the preparation of input and analysis of output for all FLIS logistics areas.

Volume 11 lists criteria for the acceptance and processing of transactions by Logistics Information Services.

Volume 12 identifies and describes all item-of-supply and management data element, terms, and acronyms in FLIS that have been assigned a DRN. The DRN list is found in Chapter 12.4.

Volume 13 lists:

  • Federal Supply Classification (FSC) assignments
  • Rules reflecting item identification
  • Supply management responsibilities and inter-relationships
  • Criteria for the control and dissemination of such data

Volume 14 contains technical and administrative information and sample screens for selected statistical summaries of system operation and conditions in the areas of:

  • Item Identification
  • Supply Management
  • Organizational Entity
  • Provisioning Screening
  • Transaction Processing (DIC)
  • Materiel Management Decision Rules

Volume 16 is a user’s guide to accessing the data base through input/output devices available at participating activities. It currently contains information for Search/ Interrogation and will be updated as remote capability for other FLIS functions is implemented.