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Applications | March 1, 2022

LOLA Classic - Logistics On-Line Access Classic

Common Access Card (CAC) or User I.D./Password Required

LOLA Classic Information

LOLA Classic   (Common Access Card (CAC) or User I.D./Password Required) uses the web to access the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) database providing on-line, interactive, read/write capability returning the most current data on supply items as well as manufacturers and suppliers. This application provides the most current, real-time FLIS data available. Access is granted using a user ID and password but will require a CAC in the near future.

LOLA Classic:

  • Is accessed via the Internet.
  • Offers authorized cataloging logisticians the ability to use LOLA On-Line Update to manage National Stock Numbers (NSNs) in the FLIS database.
  • Looks like a web application but uses existing mainframe code so there is no change in the output data.
  • Allows directly access to the FLIS database without signing on again at the main screen.
  • Is recommended over LOGRUN so that the user can take advantage of enhancements to the query and reporting functions.
  • Allows data retrieval via:
    • Characteristics Search - allows identification of items that match selected physical and performance characteristics. For example, if a medical unit needs adult sized stethoscopes made of brass, Characteristics Search can be used to find the items in the federal inventory that have these characteristics.

    • Characteristics Data Management (CDM) - displays the Master Requirement Codes (MRCs) and the Reply Table Codes used in the coded characteristics (V Segment) of an item of supply. Users may request information by selecting either of two Master Requirement Directory (MRD) tables: MRD Requirements Table and the MRD Reply Table which contains requirements for cataloging an item of supply.

    • LOLA CAGE Inquiry - provides information on United States (U.S.) and Foreign Contractors/Government organizations that provide supplies, equipment and services to the government. This information includes Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Corporate Affiliation and Socioeconomic data. CAGE Inquiry can help fulfill a variety of functions including procurement, cataloging, contract administration and contract payment.

    • LOLA Freight Data - allows users to enter a National Motor Freight Class (NMFC), Sub-Item Number (SUB) and Uniform Freight Classification (UFC) to obtain Class Rating (CLRT) Description and Extended Description (if applicable).

    • LOLA FSG/FSC/Item Name Search - provides the same information that is contained in the PUB LOG DVD H-Series.

      Note:  To request a new Item Name, use the DD Form 180   (PDF).
      • Federal Supply Group (FSG) Code
      • Federal Supply Class Code
      • Item Name or Keyword of an Item Name
      • Item Name Code (INC)
      • Federal Item Identification Guide (FIIG)
    • LOLA Inquiry - provides access to item of supply information and information about government contractors. Inquire about supply items by:

      Note:  Users can inquire about contractor information by CAGE code and company name. Inquiries fall into two categories - searches and queries. Perform a search when the stock number of an item or the CAGE code of a company is unknown. For example, a user may know the item's part number. When they search by part number or other search criteria, Inquiry will return a pick list of NIINs matching the search criteria (or CAGE codes for a CAGE Name search). Once the item NIIN or company CAGE code is identified, Inquiry can be used to query the FLIS database for detailed information about specific items or companies.

      • National Item Identification Number (NIIN)
      • Part Number (PN) (complete or partial part number)
      • Item Name or Item Name Code
      • CAGE (Company) Name or CAGE Code
      • Combination of part number, item name, or CAGE
    • LOLA Major Organizational Entity (MOE) Rule Data - provides access to MOE Rule data: Status Code, Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA), PICA-Level Of Authority (LOA), Secondary Inventory Control Activity (SICA), SICA-LOA, Authorized and Supplemental Collaborators and Receivers and Management Exception Notes.

    • Management Statistics - provides two types of data. First, you can find out the type and volume of transactions Logistics Information Services processed for your activity. These include batch interrogations and updates and on-line queries and updates. Management Statistics also provides a "statistical look" at the FLIS database. For example, users can get information on the number of items their activity manages and how many of those items are fully described.

    • Procedures - provides on-line access to the FLIS Procedures Manual which contains descriptions of Logistics Information Services products and services, information on the Federal Cataloging System, and definitions of various logistics codes such as Acquisition Advice Code and Source of Supply.

Technical Notes

Note: There are two ways to access the FLIS database: one is through LOLA Classic via a web interface, and the other is through LOGRUN via MIAP (Multi-Host Internet Access Portal) which emulates a TN3270 protocol session. Both will connect an authorized user to the FLIS database with the same user ID and password.

LOGRUN Access: DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) grants access to MIAP and provides a registration form on their website. Users must have a Common Access Card (CAC) in order to use MIAP. Once the user has signed onto MIAP, it delivers the LOGRUN sign-on screens where the user inputs their LOLA user ID and password.

Note:  FLIS Mainframe web applications will no longer allow access for customers using web browsers that do not support Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2, which complies with Department of Defense (DOD) minimum encryption standards.

Users that are impacted by this should adjust their TLS settings on their browser to enable TLS v1.2. Users can determine if their browser supports it by going through Internet Options > Advanced > Security and ensuring it is an option and that it is selected. If their browser does not support TLS v1.2, users will need to download a browser that supports TLS 1.2.

LOLA Online Updates

LOLA On-line Update provides cataloging activities the ability to update information on items of supply in the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) database. Through use of the Online Update application, authorized users may:

  • submit transactions for National Item Identification Number (NIIN) assignments/reinstatements/cancellations.

  • add/change/delete data element information.
  • perform maintenance to data groups.
  • view transaction results on their terminal within seconds of submission (transactions can be corrected and resubmitted if errors are detected).
    Note:  While transaction results are returned immediately to the user's terminal, they are also disseminated throughout the cataloging community via the normal mode/media

Points of contact at each cataloging activity identify individuals at their site who are authorized to use online update. If you are currently a LOLA Classic user and would like access to the LOLA Online Update application, FAX or mail us your request, on agency letterhead, and signed by the proper authority.

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