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This IGD defines, documents, and communicates roles, responsibilities, and authorities to facilitate effective environmental, safety, and occupational health management. This IGD applies to all employees and those working on our behalf who are responsible for defining, assessing, and updating environmental aspects, and safety and occupational health risks.


  1. Commitment: From the Administrator to the first line supervisor, management is responsible for conducting operations in accordance with all applicable ESOH laws and regulations, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, the OSHA VPP elements and sub-elements, and all applicable SM, DLA, and DOD guidance and policies.
  1. Resources: Top Management consists of the Administrator, the Deputy Administrator, Directorate Directors, and Division Directors. Top management must provide adequate resources to meet all ESOH requirements.
  1. Responsibilities: As the following ESOHMS leadership and commitment actions demonstrate, Top Management:

a. Provides adequate resources to meet all ESOH requirements.

b. Champions, oversees, and resources ESOH inspections, surveys, and other evaluations to ensure environmental impacts and safety hazards are identified, controls are implemented, and mitigation actions are implemented to minimize impact to the environment and provide employees a workplace free from recognized hazards.

c. Ensures responsibilities and authorities for relevant roles are assigned and communicated within DLA-SM. Supports other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.

d. Assigns responsibility and authority for ensuring the ESOHMS conforms to the ISO 14001 & 45001 and VPP standards and for reporting on ESOHMS performance to Top Management.

e. Is responsible for the consultation and participation of all workers throughout all applicable aspects of the ESOHMS operations, processes, and programs toward safe and healthy workplaces and environment. Protects workers from reprisals when reporting incidents, hazards, risks, impacts, and opportunities.

f. Takes accountability for the effectiveness of the ESOHMS; ensures the ESOHMS achieves its intended outcomes; ensures its objectives are established and compatible with the strategic direction and context of DLA-SM; ensures integration of ESOHMS requirements into DLA-SM core purposes; directs and supports persons to contribute to ESOHMS effectiveness; communicates the importance of an effective ESOHMS and importance of conformance to ESOHMS; develops, leads, and promotes a culture that supports the ESOHMS intended outcomes; supports establishment and functioning of ESOH committees; and promotes continual improvement of the ESOHMS.

ESOH Professionals (ESOH Staff) consist of environmental, safety, and occupational health professionals located at HQ or at the Depots.

  1. Provide guidance to maintain compliance with all applicable ESOH laws, regulations, and Executive Orders.
  1. Implement and maintain the requirements of the EOSHMS in a manner that complies with ISO 14001 & 45001, and VPP elements and sub-elements.
  1. Provide technical ESOH guidance when establishing local ESOH standard operating procedures with guidance on ESOH inspections and hazard management.
  1. Provide technical ESOH guidance during the environmental aspects assessment process and job hazard assessment process, utilizing DLA Form 7001 Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) to identify tasks, risks, and control measures for all DLA-SM operations.

Depot Mangers:

  1. Ensure compliance with all ESOH regulatory programs.
  1. Ensure that all employees complete required ESOH training.
  1. Ensure proper PPE usage by employees.

All Employees:

  1. Shall be aware of and assume the responsibility for those aspects of the ESOHMS over which they have control. This means that all employees must be aware of the environmental impacts of their daily job activities and take steps to minimize these impacts and follow ESOH programs and procedural requirements to ensure their actions do not create hazards in the workplace.
  1. Wear PPE identified on the DLA Form 7001.
  1. When performing tasks.
  1. Report unsafe and unhealthy working conditions and acts verbally (i.e. workplace supervisor, ESOH personnel), using the ESAMS Unsafe Unhealthful Report, using the DLA Form 1404 Near Miss/Hazard Report, or other locally developed methods.
  1. As applicable, assist in achieving the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound) ESOH objectives and goals set annually as part of the ESOHMS.
  1. Complete mandated training.
  1. DLA-SM ESOHMS Policy Statement
  1. DLA-SM ESOH Management Plan
  1. DLA-SM Depot VPP Policy Statements
  1. Hawthorne Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Hammond Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Scotia Depot VPP Policy Statement

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