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This IGD establishes and maintains the standards for identifying and accessing Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) regulatory compliance and legal and other requirements throughout DLA-SM. This process incorporates all ESOH aspects, hazards, and risks identified for the installation activities, commodities, and services as specified within the International Organization of Standards (ISO) 14001:2015 & 45001:2018 and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). This IGD applies to all DLA-SM employees and those working on our behalf. 

  1. Legal Requirements, Regulatory Compliance, and Other Requirements

DLA-SM is committed to establishing, implementing, and maintaining processes to:

  1. Determine and have access to legal requirements, compliance obligations, and other requirements applicable to ESOH aspects, hazards, and risks.
  1. Ensure that all ESOH legal requirements, compliance obligations, and other requirements are considered when establishing, maintaining, and continually improving the ESOH Management System (ESOHMS), how these apply to ESOHMS, and what needs to be communicated.
  1. Maintain and retain documented information on legal requirements, regulatory compliance obligations, and other requirements, and ensure the documentation is updated to reflect any changes related to ESOH.
  1. Required Elements

The following legal and other associated requirements are implemented into the DLA-SM ESOHMS:

  1. ESOHMS Policy Statement content.
  1. Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.
  1. Other legal requirements relating to each significant environmental aspect.
  1. Agreements with regulatory and other governmental Agencies.
  1. Non-regulatory guidelines, e.g. standards of performance excellence attributed to various assessments and benchmarking studies.

                 f. DoD/DLA policies and directives.

  1. Top Management

Top Management will work with the Depot Managers, as appropriate, to identify state and local and other requirements. Top Management may also work with Legal Counsel to track, review, and comment on proposed ESOH legislative/regulatory initiatives of consequence.

     Communication will be done via the internet, through meetings or internal email, as applicable.

  1. DLA-SM ESOHMS Policy Statement
  1. DLA-SM ESOH Management Plan
  1. DLA-SM Depot VPP Policy Statements
  1. Hawthorne Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Hammond Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Scotia Depot VPP Policy Statement

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