Strategic Materials



We execute and maintain, as appropriate, programs for achieving ESOH objectives in accordance with the International Organization of Standards (ISO) 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) elements and sub-elements. This IGD provides the framework of DLA Strategic Materials ESOHMS objectives and how to achieve these planned objectives. The DLA-SM ESOHMS applies to all DLA-SM facilities, their employees, and all personnel working on behalf of DLA-SM.


       1. ESOH objectives       

DLA-SM will establish ESOH objectives at relevant functions and levels, considering significant environmental aspects and analyzed job hazards; considering associated legal requirements, compliance obligations, and other requirements; considering risks and opportunities, and continual improvement on the ESOHMS and ESOH performance.

The ESOH objectives will: be consistent with the ESOHMS Policy; be measurable (if practicable) or capable of performance evaluation; be monitored; be communicated; and be appropriately updated.

ESOH objectives will also: consider applicable requirements; consider the results of ESOH risks, aspects, and opportunities; and consider the results of consultation with workers, along with workers’ representatives, as applicable.

  1. Planning actions to achieve ESOH objectives

When planning how to achieve ESOH objectives, DLA-SM will determine: what will be done; what resources will be required; who will be responsible; when it will be completed; how the results will be evaluated, including indicators for monitoring progress toward achievement of measurable ESOH objectives; and how actions to achieve ESOH objectives can be integrated into the DLA-SM business processes.            

All documented information on the ESOH objectives and plans to achieve them will be maintained and retained.


  1. DLA-SM ESOHMS Policy Statement
  1. DLA-SM ESOH Management Plan
  1. DLA-SM Depot VPP Policy Statements
  1. Hawthorne Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Hammond Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Scotia Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. DLA-SM Activities and Environmental Aspects
  1. DLA-SM Job Hazard Analyses

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